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I have a friend of mine of got rich as real estate agent, do you think it is easy to get rich in this type of job?

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The real estate business is one that may look that awesome on the surface, but one that always involves a lot of commitment from the person that is into the business. When you are looking at the way that a lot of things are happening in the buying and selling of building, renting of houses and leasing of lands.

There is something that we should always look at when we talk of estate management and that is the manager being able to get to the top people that will always buy those buildings as well. If you are into this kind of business and you don't have access to the people that will trade those properties, then you should have issues in this business. I have some people that are into this business and they are excelling because they have the right connections to this business.
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Yes, One can get rich being an estate agent if one is serious about it. Getting rich doesn't come on a platter of gold, one has to be  very hard working to become rich in whatever endeavor one chose to engage in and sometimes working smart could be very helpful.

My cousin was once an estate agent before he travelled out of the country and he was living comfortably if we wouldn't use the word rich but by my own standard he was rich. The thing is one looking out for good clients and actually selling out the property for a good commission that's if the agreement was on commission basis which I think it preferable than salary basis.

So your cousin should hunt for good properties and also get good buysers for them and agree to commission basis payment to make good money.
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If you want to make stable income,then real estate is a yes yes.Before one dives into real estate, one needs to know that timing is a crucial element in real estate transaction.

The biggest advantage of making money in real estate is that most of the dealings is for the longer term,and investment in a hurry does not work effectively in this market.

If you want to make money in real estate, patience and timing is very crucial.

Don't wait for prices to go up before you buy the real estate of your choice.Take a thorough research of the real estate market and pay attention to buying price.Go for the cheapest bargain and wait for the price to go up.

Always target selling at a higher rate in order to make some profit.

Another way of making money is to lease out your your property or put it up for rent.

There are also other ways of making money in real estate e.g renting out your properties in parts.Renting out a whole duplex to one family will be less expensive that dividing the building and letting it out to to or three different families.

Real estate is a good thing to dive into but you need to turn to people that are already into it for tips and advice and you can also read books on how to make money from real estate.

Doing some research is crucial

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