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Streebees used to be a great survey site but nowadays, we hardly get surveys. The same goes for mobrog and triaba..paidperview gives you survey almost everyday but the earning is very low.Reaching the 15 dollar mark before cash out will take months..

Bottom line:Nigerians don't get surveys compared to advanced countries like USA and Canada
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Best paid surveys in Nigeria

1. The Panel Station.

2. SurveySavvy

3. Global Test Market

4. uest Mindshare

5. Univox



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There are survey sites that Nigerian can also participate to make some money but don't be fooled it isn't a get rich scheme so don't bank on making so much from it. Another thing is that you should to compare 3-4 sites and be very active too to be able to make something tangible out of them at the end of the day.
The survey sites that Nigerians can actually participate are.

Mobrog: This is good paying survey site one can get up to 3 surveys per week and one can be paid from $1 upward for each completed survey.payment is via PayPal.

The panel station survey site allows Nigerians to take surveys on their site. Minimum cashout is 3000 points and different payment gateway is available.
Paidviewpoint is another survey sites for Nigerians. With accumulation of $15 one can cash out.
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Though, I don't really know any survey site that could pay well in Nigeria, but I've heard of one NNU site which I believe is not a direct survey site. However, I know a survey site that works better across Africa and it is called AfriSight.
Afrisight: when you join the Afrisight online survey community, you will be asked your opinion and insight from products and brands companies and organization rely on your survey feedback. Hence, the more people at able to participate in the decisions mmade by the institutions that serve them, the better those decisions will be. Your opinion will have an impact on the development of new products and services. It is on that basis,you will be paid.

Furthermore, for every completed survey, you earn points 2hich can redeem as cash , airtime, shopping vouchers and get invited tto participate in prize draws. Part of what makes Af
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I am also searching some of good sites, but found nothing. Tere are a lot of sites I describe below some of fews

Ipsos i-say

Opinion World

Executive Opnion

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