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Me and my bf have been having sex for a while now and every time we have sex we have to spend about 3-5 minutes stretching me out so that he can fit comfortably inside me. If he tries to go all in at once or goes in too fast it's pretty painful. This happens regardless of how much time we spend on foreplay or how much lube we use. Is this stretching process normal for people? Or am I just too tight? 

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As a lady,you may sometimes feel tight down there.This is because the vagina changes over the course of a woman's lifetime.This might be due to aging or some natural life events like pregnancy  or having a child.This changes may cause a woman's vagina to be tighter.

Some women may think their vagina is too tight because they feel pain or discomfort during  during sexual  penetration

Some fast facts on vagina tightness include:

The feeling of tightness may be due to a woman not being fully aroused.

A woman's vagina experiences many changes over the course of a woman's life.

Hormonal changes when menstruating may lead to some feelings of vagina tightness.

The fact is a woman's vagina can never be too tight to have sex.The pain or discomfort is a symptom of other issues.

A woman can address the feeling of pain,discomfort or a feeling of being too tight by spending more time gaining arousal or using lubricant when needed.

Some other causes of discomfort may be due to illness,congenital condition, stress,injury, hormonal fluctuation

Vagina tightness causes by any of this medical conditions can be treated by a medical professional.
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If one isn't a virgin and any time one is trying to have sex is one friction or struggle or the other then it could be anything apart from one being a virgin. Vagina tightness arises mostly from lack of proper arousal which the juice will help lubricate the vagina, if this doesn't occur then the vagina will very dry and tight which will cause discomfort and friction when sexual intercourse is initiated. Again one should check self pains during sexual penetration can be because of infection, injuries etc.
Tightness down there can also be because of congenital abnormality and as such penetration will be a bit difficult.

Another very outstanding reason is if one stays away from sexual intercourse for a while before engaging in it again.

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