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Can I improve my eye vision by doing eye exercises?

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Did you know that eye exercises are beneficial to your visual health? This natural therapy is very suitable for people with any vision problem, from myopia to even diseases like cataracts.

The Eye Exercises have been in existence for more than 100 years and were initially created by the Ophthalmologist William Bates in the year 1860.

Centenary and extremely effective exercises, which were also proposed by the Ukrainian Meir Schneider, who improved the technique, especially after recovering from childhood blindness.

How to insert the exercises for eyes in the day to day?

Exercises for the eyes can be inserted in simple moments of the day to day. Because they do not ask for special objects, but only their body parts, you can execute them at any time. A good tip is to insert them in those minutes off. It can be either on the lunch break or at the time you arrive home.

It is important to remember that eye exercises are part of a natural therapy to improve visual illnesses. However, they do not replace appointments or treatment with the ophthalmologist. The activities are complementary.
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Am.also short sighted  but whenever I try doing the exercise, like keeping the glasses aside and trying to watch a view something from a far distance, I end up straining a lot. This straining at times causes me to get severe headaches.

What I always do is ,reduce the time that i always wear glasses.Whenever am not into books or when am watching I usually put them off and wear them only when am reading.
Also,I usually take raw carrots a number of times in a week.This far have reached, I have seen really great improvement and if I continue this way then soon I'll off for good from wearing glasses.
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Probably yes but, since your eyesight has been damaged already, you need to wear eyeglasses in order to see things clearly. For me, if you eat healthy foods and do some routine exercise and practice habits, there maybe some possibilities, but not 100% if it will works. First thing for most avoid spending too much on screen like watching television and using gadgets. This will worsen the eyesight problem. you can do exercise by rolling your eyes up and down, left and right to make your  muscles stronger. Then you can blink few times and close your eyes. Open it again and repeat by looking left-front-right-front-up-front-down, then relax your muscle. Eat healthy food and snacks that is rich with Vitamin E and A that is good for the eyesight. Disclaimer I am not an experts or a doctor.

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