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How to make more popular to my answer?

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It is rarely to notice somebody's answer if your answer is just the same with the others. If you answer uniquely, maybe or maybe not every will notice your answer. It is really depends  on each person of interest. If the topic is worth to notice and your answer is great, might everyone will like it and will more engage because you started a conversation that nobody does at the beginning.

For example, in social media, if there is a post that is popular, some people will criticize with it and they do get bash with their comment, and become popular with it. Then there is another person who positively commented on the topic and everyone got his or here sympathy. There two options here to make your answer or comment becomes popular. But in the end, it does not necessarily though, as long as you give your best answer to the question and you know you are satisfied with it.
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I think if you are referring to having your answer being popular or marked as best answer then you  just have to give the asker the needed answer especially if it a how can question. I like to really attempt most how can questions where one is asking about how to do a certain thing or get a certain thing done properly. Alot of people must have seen some answers on google but might just need a confident answer from a writer that one is sure has tried it out and was successful with it reviews.
If one can write it in a first person narrative then one is likely to get the attention of a asker. Personally I will try out what one wrote about his or her routine than any random answer or any guess answer. So answer your questions convincingly. You will be noticed.

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