Someone said in Facebook that 'sometimes we do not like the pictures you post because they are pretty but because we know you?' somehow i feel like the person made sense. At times personally i like the pictures because the poster is my friend and i want them to be happy,even when i know they have used some apps to make it even look more beautiful.
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First of all, I want to say that this a very good question even though it relates to a subject most people fail to understand it's concept. I've had the same thoughts as you every time I see people like random pictures which often do not translate into a meaningful message. I think most people like picture because of the reason you stated in your narration, and probably because social media behavior has made it like a must do behavior.

Personally, i don't like random pictures because am familiar with the poster or because I simply choose to indulge in social media sentiments. Call me old fashioned, but I like to think that socializing isn't just about fun, it's also about expressing our inner self. And since social media brings people from all around the world in one place, i feel every post should make or show some kind of sense since we are looking to engage people in getting to know us.

I also know that social media is a platform designed for showcasing arts exchanging ideas and passing knowledgeable information to one and another. So if I come across a certain picture that doesn't look good or pass any form of meaningful message, i tend to move on to the next.

Overall, i think the core basis and idea behind social media has long been buried. People just choose to interact and behave in different ways that suits their personality.
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Everything now is been posted online everywhere including Facebook.  I sometimes scroll Facebook to see what is the latest with my friends and family.  I almost like every post if I find it interesting. If I don't like the post it doesn't mean I don't like it at all.Ijust don't want to hit like button so the person won't see me or maybe thinking I am stalking him or her every time she/he posted on Facebook. But,most of my families post,I hit like button, because they are my family, other than that,I do rarely hit like button of other people's post.There are some other people too, on Facebook that I don't like their post anymore because they don't like my post either. Sometimes my gut feeling tells me not to because these person is just pretending to be nice and friendly while at my back she talk not nice about me.
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This is a very good question and I was trying to really asked myself why I like people picture on Facebook.Well, searching my heart I think the first reason is to also get likes from my people too. In life actions are reciprocated and if we need a thing from people we should start by doing same and live the words we need.So if we need people to like our pictures then we should do same.
Another reason is to show that you know and appreciate the person.Why would my friends and family not liked my pictures even if there are not cool.This one isn't about it been pretty or not,this is showing solidarity if we can use that word.
I also like beautiful photos even if I don't know the owners. It shows one acknowledge the fact that,that person is beautiful.
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I hardly post on Facebook neither do I like pictures on Facebook. Its just my person.

People show off their new pictures on Facebook and I tend to ask myself why they do it because they want others to acknowledge their beauty or they have low self esteem.. or they just want people to see how far they have made it in life?..

People share every last detail of their lives with others on Facebook, they post pictures of their overhauled kitchen, picture of their new born baby,picture of them in bed without make up.,picture of them in the loo..just for show off sake or probably to get approval from other people.

I think its stupid..that's one reason I don't like pictures of people on Facebook. I just move on to more meaningful post.

The truth is Facebook is getting boring nowadays and I hardly spend 2minutes on the site.I just cant relate to the nonsense people post..raunchy pictures.,comments that are baloney..,graphic pictures..

The sooner people know that others don't care about your new look ,your new car,your achievements..the better.People are just curious.. They don't give a hoot.

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This is a good question and in my opinion what makes me like photos been shared by people on facebookis most times as a result of the fact that the pictures are worth been liked which some times might not be the person's image but some kind of of inappropriate in animtes or write ups that are beneficial.
I also like photos sometimes because I know the poster because I realized that this effect likes and comments is a kind of give and take act,  some people will watch you reactions toward their comments or uploads on facebooks and if they discovered you don't comment nor like their posts then they will also not like yours,  if you like theirs they like yours so most times it isn't because the post or image worth it but just to relationships between you and the poster going smoothly.
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The world of social media is one that is always pretty nice and good as a platform for many of us to interact and feel fine. The thing is that we should know that Facebook is all about posts and pictures and any active member on Facebook should understand that what happens there will always be as a result of what we feel about it.

Liking pictures on Facebook is what I do out of free will and not necessarily because I know those people. I accepted their friends request not because I know them, but as a result of trying to socialize with the people that are around the world. This is what has made me to have some many friends on Facebook and one thing that is necessary is for us to have some good time on social media and that includes liking the pictures of other friends.
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That is usually not the case for me. I like pictures based on what I see and based on what inspires me. Well yeah, sometimes I could just like posts because I know the poster but more often than not, that is not the case.
I gladly scroll down pictures that do not appeal to me regardless of whether I know you in person or not. I don't have to hit the like button just because I know you. For me, it isn't just a button. It is what I find interesting and worthy.
Majority of the pictures that I like on Facebook and social media are from people that I don't even know but we share similar interests and passion. I feel like that is how it should be. Although that's just my opinion. Others would want to please their friends by hitting like even when they really don't like it. It is a like for a like.
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