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For me I'm still a work in progress though I have been able to get some fulfillment from life. I check my list of things I needed to see it happening in my life like having my first degree which I have, becoming an accountant still in. Progress, having some certifications still ongoing, being married and having kids done with,having my own consulting firm still in the pipeline and being a consultant which I'm looking forward to. So generally I have outlined what I really needed out of my life and I'm working toward achieving all of them at due time.

I realized that I can achieve this feat 3 years ago when I was able to at least accomplish about my first 3 important needs and I'm optimistic that I will still get done with the remaining ones too.
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No! I haven't accomplished all that I need to in life. It is still a continuous process. I'm a millennial but it doesn't mean that I have all the time in the world. I believe I take baby steps towards achieving all of my dreams. I have a really long list of things. A little too long I might say but hey!

I once heard, "take all you can from life right now because when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath". This is the idea. For me, now is the time but I cannot do it all at once. It is all a process, a road to the promise land.
All that I have right now and all that I've achieved in life up until this time is an achievement as well. I am really thankful and steadfast in doing more so that all of my dreams and aspirations come true.
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I don't think there is or there will ever be a time when someone will stand up and say i have accomplished everything i ever wanted in life. It is impossible to get that. Everyday we learn something new when we wake up and go through the day, and through this times there will be something that will definitely catch your eye or warm your heart, and you might just want to pursue whatever that thing is. Life is a continous process, you can never be satisfied with the same things that you have, we as human beings are always curious, we are always looking around to try out the new stuff that comes up. The fashions, technology, science and thr like. So life will always surprise us with new stuff and our egos will propmt us to try them out. The only time i can say i have accomplished something is when i purpose to do something in a certain time and i do it, but if they are many i doubt it.
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Life does not give us such opportunity, we are constantly on our toes to see what needs to be done even when we have fulfill a certain part. And for a good part of life it is not about what we want but what is important to others and the wider society. This is the principle of sacrifice and through which we get inspiration from.
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When I pushed through my passion in life which is teaching. I gave up my banking job and completed my teaching course which I made.

Now I'm a retired school principal for 4 years already. 
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We have so much desires in life and it's not always possible to have all of our wishes and desires to be fulfilled but we are  constantly working and that's the cycle of life. 
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