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As the new beta version of ios 12 has been open to public, can any iphone users share the new features newly introduced by apple?

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Register a 2nd face in Face ID

IOS 12 will allow iPhone X users (and other TrueDepth camera devices) to register a second face to unlock the device. This is great when sharing the iPhone with someone, or even better, the iPad ... (would be a hint of what we'll see soon?).

Self-completion of codes by SMS

Do you know when you connect to a service that needs a code sent by SMS? With iOS 12 you will no longer need to open the SMS and copy the code, because the system will be able to read the message to you and identify the authentication code without you having to do anything. This already happens when connecting to iCloud, but from September this will be expanded to all apps.

In addition, auto-completion may use information from passwords applications, such as 1password. This means that completing passwords in Safari or any other application will be much easier, even for those who do not like using the iCloud Keys (whatever the reason).

QR Code Reader in Control Center

The Control Center will get a shortcut button for when you want to quickly read any QR code. This is already done when opening the Camera application, but it is likely that many people will not know this. With one button, the function becomes clearer for everyone.

Apple Books

The iBooks application will take the name Books. This is not the first time this has happened and hopefully this will continue until the final version.

Close apps on iPhone X

Until then, to close applications open in the background in iPhone X, you have to open the multitasking screen, hold the app window for 2 seconds until a red ball appears, indicating that you can close the windows or touching the ball, or dragging the window up. In iOS 12 the ball stage was eliminated, simply dragging the window up simply, as was already done on the iPad.


Increased battery control

The Battery Settings will give you a more complete report on the use of the device, showing you the most energy consumed in recent days. Ideal for you to understand the reasons the battery has run faster, allowing you to try to improve the cause of it.

When face identification fails

Sometimes, for some reason, Face ID does not recognize our face and we must repeat the attempt. We've already taught you how to revalidate this ID, but on iOS 12 this will be more intuitive, just slide your finger up.

Enhanced Portrait Lighting

Apple seems to have made improvements to the effects of the Portrait Lighting of the iPhone X and 8. The edges are now better defined, with a better result.

Tracks of a future iPad with Face ID

On the iPad, the iOS 12 beta brought some minor changes that suggest that it is gearing up to receive the iPhone X notch and the TrueDepth camera.

The top of the iPad screen changed, with the watch coming out of the middle and going into the corner.

Some gestures of the iPhone X also passed to the iPad. The Control Center on iOS 12 will be activated by pulling the upper right corner down while the Notification Center is activated by pulling the opposite corner. Just the iPhone X.

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