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Well, there are so many things when talking about resorts. Most of us like to visit resorts during our vacation period. Since we go to resorts rarely, we have to be much careful in choosing the resorts. I would like to suggest you Baymaas Lake House, a private resort in Kochi which is a perfect example of a backwater resort. Baymaas provides you elegant atmosphere and hospitality where you can bestow your time with full of charming memories. There are so many luxurious facilities in Baymaas like exclusive private pool villas, refreshing ayurvedic spa, delicious multi-cuisine and many other leisure activities like kayaking, river cruise, paragliding, cycling etc., I'm sure that you'll enjoy your days spent in Baymaas as it is the best boutique resort in Kochi based on my point of view.

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There are so many besutifu resorts in Kerala and it worth spending all the money money can afford on them. There are very nice ones like Bethsaida Heritage, carnoustie Ayurveda and wellness resort, poovar island resorts, Samsara Harmony Beach resort and lots of other beautiful resorts but the one I like most is Poovar island resort.

Poovar island resort is a luxury's resort for tourists that really loved luxuries. This resort is situated at kelara backwaters. You will find floating cottages and luxury spa in here. The plenty rooms here are well equipped with special features and facilities to keep one grooving all day. The resort also offers it's tourist a boat cruise where one explore the immediate environment of the resort.

All these doesn't come cheap but one will have top notch service.

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