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I'm not sure I understand this question.is the that user is asking for the benefits of playing games this Christmas or the benefits of playing games generally.

I have some favourite part-time (s) and playing game is not even on my list.I find it boring and uninteresting.

From experience, I know people play games because they just love playing games.They don't know or even care about the benefits.

I believe playing is one way to kill boredom. If you are alone in the house and you are bored to death,playing game can be an escape route out of this feeling of boredom.

Some other cognitive benefits of playing games include:

It improves coordination

It improves problem solving skill

It enhances the memory

It improves attention and concentration

Its a great source of learning

It increases brain speed
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There are so many Role playing games on andriod so the best might depends on individual choice. As we know one man's meat is another man's poison. But definitely Role playing games are really interesting genre of games where one can really spend time crafting characters playing some storyline or generally just enjoying the games.

There are so many of role playing games like the Bards tale, beamdogs, doom and destiny, mage and minions, exiled kingdom, evoland, fire emblem heroes etc. For me my best has always been the Mage and Minions. This is a game that is free for all and one can as well play it offline. It a game with diverse story lines and concept which one will be battling with tuff like robots, aliens, skeleton and beast. It an interesting game.
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