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Google introduced the new feature offline mode reading on Chrome browser app for Android. How to enable this feature? Where is the option menu for enabling it? How does it work? 

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There is an option on your android app for chrome to access data offline later. Actually this feature is not named as a menu button called offline or online. To use this feature you have to go to settings on chrome and there is an option listed as Data Saver. Click on it and enable it by the ON off button there. By default this feature is ON. Using this feature you can access most frequently checking documents even in offline mode later on.
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Enabling offline mode on chrome is quiet easy. I don't know what your intention is with chrome's offline mode, so am going to give a brief description of how the offline mode works.

What the offline mode does is that, chrome will create a local cache of all your previously visited webpages. So if you visit any of those web pages again without an internet connection, chrome will automatically load a previous copy of the webpages from the saved local cache.

To enable the offline mode, you'd need to open your chrome browser as usual. Click on the options menu from the top right corner of your home page. Click on settings and search for the option of offline mode. You can then enable it. When enabled, every webpage you visit, a local cache will be created for them and pages saved.

To use the offline mode when there's no Internet connection, all you need do is type the address as you'd normally do when browsing. Since there's no internet connection, you'll get a no internet connection message on the browser. Below the error message will be a blue highlighted option of browsing offline. Simply click on it and you're good to go.

Remember, offline mode does not enable you to browse webpages that hasn't been previously accessed without an internet connection. This simply means that you can't visit new site that doesn't have a previously saved local cache.
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Personally, I don't see the importance of this offline reading feature introduced by Google Chrome browser because it doesn't make any sense to me as you would only have access to the pages previously visited with the browser and can't visit a new website with the browser on offline mode without an internet connection. Now, I'm not sure if it's possible to added any new content on the pages already visited and now being accessed without internet connection in offline mode. So, literally all the offline reading mode enables you to do would be to just read up all your have been doing on the particular page of a website and not add anything new to the website.

Well, for those who have interest in this offline reading feature mode of Google Chrome, just go to settings and you will see the tab for it and have it enabled.

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