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The mobile legend game was a hit, my brothers and friends of them are playing mobile legend. They even have a contest what heroes they can get. I was playing with mobile legend before for few days, and find it interesting yet, very frustrated for me because I always lose my teams.Funny though because I choose the best heroes game player but still I lose most of the time. I really don't enjoy if my character always losing the battle. So, after playing for few days, I stop and abandoned my account.

I am thinking to play it again as I downloaded the app on my iPad, but still didn't able to open and play it after I downloaded it last a week ago. It makes me feel like I am wasting my time playing games and I don't earn from it lol. But I enjoy some games though like tetriz battle.
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I just happened to see this game with my friend and I like it already. I always loved MOBA games that are free to play just like league of legends and DOTA2.
The good thing is that mobile legend doesn't consume much data with some MB one can download it and play it on the go. I like the control of the game which is quite manageable but if need be developers can still make it better.
I like the heroes on them, this game is really interesting and entertaining to say the least just like the previous MOBA games. The graphics looks great to me though it can be better and done to a higher standard. The gameplay is good but not really reliable but we can still manage it like that. Rating for this game by me could 7/10 and I recommend to game lovers to try it out.

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