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Last month, I went to the US to attend one of my friend's wedding. it was one of the memorable wedding ceremonies that I've attended so far. But our discussion in not about the wedding today, it's about how to make an amazing customer onboarding experience.

My friend had to open a new bank account for his newly-wed wife, and I was astounded to see that the whole onboarding process was successfully within minutes, and that's also without driving down to the bank branch.

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This is really great and nice. The thing about first impression is that we should always look at ways that we should make the other person enjoy some good time that is all about getting to make them feel at home. I have always looked at the way that I can make the right first impression when I meet people and that involves getting to feel at ease with them.

What is important is for us to always go with a smile that will show that how they are welcomed. This is one thing that has made me to always smile always no matter how difficult that I see the world looking. A smile that we put up when we see the other person can go a long way to make them feel welcomed. Also, we should always try to feel relaxed in the midst of others which makes it interesting.
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Its a known fact that people are quick to judge   you few seconds after meeting you.In less than one tenth of a second of seeing someone for the first time,our brain processes information about the persons face which leads to quick conclusions about the persons qualities.

Although it may be misleading,but first impression do form peoples view about a person.That's why its good to make a good first impression whether you are going for a date or going for an interview

Its important to know where you are making a good impression because context matters.it gives you cues as to how to dress,look and behave..are you going for a date,or you have a bank interview.?If you have a bank interview,you will likely show up in a suit.You should choose attire,grooming habit and conversational style that fits the setting you are going to.

Attitude also matters.Create good attitude by smiling, maintaining eye contact,sitting without crossing your arm or legs.

You can check for more tip on the internet. There are tons of self help books floating online.

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