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We hear God from his word. His word teaches, it warns, and it blesses. when we call upon God he listens and when we read his word we find truth in it, we find healing.

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As human being there are a lot of ways God actually speaks or minister to human or people. Mine according to this context is not exception. But samely unique; I've seen or heard of many ways to which God communicate to many people like; some get their message through their instinct; the moment they think of something, the thing manifest immediately with exact as they thought. Some people will just receive a direct vision of exact events. Some will manifest immediately, some had happened in the past while others will happen in the future . in the same face, some people communicate with God through dream. They enter into vision realm; they remember everything agter waking up. So,  I think I belong here. This is what I've being observing for a long time. It mmigh
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You're definitely right we hear from God mostly through our instinct or during vision.i know God always communicate with us.
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God never talk to me personally, but I know deep inside God, is hearing my prayers everyday. I may say, I hear from God from all the blessings we have received everyday, for safety, for good health, even from hard times and bad times, I know there is always good times and easy times. We just have to see it and feel it that it's God's works not by any other. God will use anyone, in anyhow and in anytime just to be there for us. God is everywhere, you cannot just see him because he has different faces and images like us.

Every time I pray for something like protections and good health and more blessings, we always received these gifts.He uses my partner so we can have all of these. For good health and safety for my partner's journey to his jobs and going home. That is something to thankful that God really hear my prayers.
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Definitely by seeing all our prayers answered,it shows God' cares about us and he is always with us to hear us.
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There are different ways we can hear from since we are all aware that God can reveal HIM SELF to us physically.
The different religions we have across the globe have their ministers who pass on to the congregation the message from God.Most of them who are real,  when you hear them speaks you will believe that God is using their body and soul to pass a message across to us and directly or indirectly when messages are being passed it affects individual.
There are sometimes that God reveal his messages through dream. The rain fall that happens during the rainy season is a sign of blessings from God,  there are lots of positive things that happened naturally which are clear signs that they are ways of hearing from likewise there are challenges too which are strong warning communication from God.
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Yea God can minister to us in our dreams and tell us what to do properly to gain favour and also to know the future.
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Yeah but lots of people misuse this natural gift by making themselves to be some kind of high personality in the society. 

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