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Is there any thing you regret about in your life?

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I've always and will always love music. Music is like a part of me, a part of my everyday life. I grew up to enjoying and appreciating music probably because my entire family had a flare for music. I remember recording my first demo track back in 2005. It went above my own expectations, everyone fell in love with it. In no time, i became the topic of discussion all over my neighborhood. It was so overwhelming that I took up music fulltime. But unfortunately, somethings I guess are not meant to be.

My entire family supported my music, but at that point, i was just a kid who just graduated from high school. And given my family status which required certain expectations from me, i was advised to pursue a degree in collage before continuing in the pursuit of music. So I kept music aside hoping to return someday and went to school. I really don't know what happened, I guess I got stuck with education to a point that I saw music as a hubby and no more a dream for me. Eventually, I let music sleep away. Today, i regret making the decision of leaving music whenever I think about it. It's not like having a degree was a bad idea, It in fact has made a part of who I am today. But I just feel letting music go was a big mistake because I was good at it.
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Alright,but if you think you can revive it,I think it wouldn't be too can work on it once again. 
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Thanks for the advice. I've been thinking about it too, a lot recently. I just don't know, maybe i'll give it a try once more and see what it brings forth. 
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The worse regret that I have had in life is abtmy inability to become a reverend priest. Becoming a priest was something that I have always looked at in life as one of the most noble that we can experience and the good thing that I have got to understand about it is how we can be able to enjoy some good time on being a Catholic priest.

I have always believed that life is all about getting to enjoy some good time in life and this is something that we should know since this job will make me to pray for people that want to get help from God. I so much  enjoyed being a preacher back then as that is one way that I can get to assist people to get better in life. The life that we are living in is one that entails us to be of help to others and this would have been awesome, if I achieved that by being a priest.
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I think if you are meant to be a reverent priest it is for you.I believe the word "a calling from God", that if you are born to be then that is for you.
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Since you can't be a Catholic priest I presume then you can be an almost about the same tasks ahead.
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Nobody is perfect and its normal to make mistakes from time to time .The important thing is to learn from those mistakes and forge on.

One regret i have is the fact that I studied the wrong course.I could have studied computer science instead of physics. I was to naive to know the importance of computer science.

Another regret is I could have studied harder during my days as an undergraduate. Maybe I could have graduated with a better result..

One other regret is in the aspect of relationship. I dated a girl that I knew wasn't really into me.The signs were obvious but I was too scared to let her go .I held on to the belief that one day she would fall for me but I was wrong.Inspite of my care, she still left and got married to someone else.That's how I learnt that unrequited love is the worst. If someone doesn't love you,its better you let them go and look for someone who does.

Don't always live in the past.Just forge on and learn from your mistakes.
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I agree, nobody is perfect, and every decision that we made sometimes, it can reverse, sometimes not.
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Sorry about that all you need do now is to make the best of the course you later studied it will be better that way.
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We are naturally created to be imperfect beings surrounded with challenges, test and inevitable scenarios, which makes us to commit certain mistakes in life.
So far i dont think there is much regret in my life,  if I have to introspect then the only thing I regret so far is my in ability to more basic knowledge about my religion at a tender age where level of assimilation is very high and the brain is more magnetic.
I discovered the most important thing to be fulfilled in life is your ability to know more about your religion and the God you serve and also spread the gospel to others who know little or nothing about your faith. If I had the basic knowledge then I should be buildimg on them now that I am just learning them though the level of assimilation is higher now because of the determination.
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Well I don't think it just too late you can still do something about it if you really want to. 
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Yeah but you know the older you grow the more responsibilities occupies your brain especially between the age of 25 to 50 years. 
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I do not think that there's any man without regret. Well not regret per se but sometimes we wish we can take back somethings from the past or we wish that somethings never happened to begin with.
I've also learned that every single experience in life is part of our story and the cumulative effect is what makes us. Some we have learned from while others will always be a part of us. It is like how things are meant to happen. This makes me question whether If some things do not happen, would it change the course of our destiny or fate.
There were times when I wished that I could go back in time. However, I've learned to live through situations. There's a saying that all our scars a delicate art works that makes us a masterpieces. Priceless!

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