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How can we show our kids greater amount of love without spoiling them? 
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I don't know if that is possible, because my understanding of pampering is spoiling someone.. So if there is a way i may not be aware. When you pamper someone you are giving them whatever they want regardless of how you feel about what they want.

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The relationship that exists between the parents and the kids is something that we should always have a strong thought about. I have always said that parents should be careful the way that they treat their kids in the sense that when you are too harsh on them, you are definitely teaching them that they can behave the way that they want which will broad in stubbornness.

Also, when the parents shows too much love to the kids, you get to see that it is going to make the kids look spoilt and disrespectful to even elders of the community. One thing that I always do when I am with the kid is to improve the communication level to push through their emotions. I flog my little siblings with cane when they misbehave and when they perform better, I always find a gift to celebrate them. Keeping this kind of balance is something that will definitely help them to remain aware of the wrongs and right in the family.
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You're right I think what they kids needs Is a balance.And parents should try to create this. Let the kids know they will be rewarded for both good and bad deeds.
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Our children doesn't really need material things to make them happy or to satisfy the attention they needed from us. As a parent, a hug, kisses, cuddles and playing time with our children is the best yet priceless can give without spoiling them. At young children, most of them are vulnerable and just learning and developing how they manage or control their feelings. When you see your child's eyes, you can read if they are sad or happy or if there is something bothering them. Our children needs more of our attention when at young, and needed guidance when they are getting older.

If you see your child, talk to them, and ask them how they feel,how their days going, it's simple but it makes them think that you recognize them. When they have tantrum, it is hard to handle this type of situation,but make sure you have to calm yourself,and bring your child into a private room, where to of you can talk. Sometimes get tantrum because they are overtired, bored, and or they are just hungry or thirsty.

To become a parent is not easy but its rewarding.
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I totally agree with you,it shouldn't always be about materials things. We can pamper our kids in.other ways without spoiling them. 
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I think one of the challenges that parents face is how to discipline their children, show them love and not spoil them at the same time. Sometimes you'd find that some parents over do one part and leave the rest out.

I think the key is communication. Children are much more smarter than we think and they can take in a lot. While we let children be children, we should always try to explain to them the reality of situations. The goods and bad and the reason they have to obey.

It is better when someone is told the reason they have to do something and not do it mindlessly. Most of all always let them know that whatever you do is because you love them. Do not spare them the lessons of life. They can also share your little pains once in a while.
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Yea,ccommunication helps alot. It will make the children see and understand things from the parents perspective which is the best. 

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