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Friendship one of the most important things to have for a fulfilling life. It’s definitely hard to put a price on a good friend.

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I usually don't like to blow my own horn, i like other pwople to do that for me. But since a question has been asked and i need to answer it i will do just that. I love making friends, not just friends but good friends. Its good to note the difference. You may have many friends but they are good for nothing, so when making friends its important to know who your real friends are and who your fake friends are. These are people qho will either build you to becoming a better person, or people who will reduce you to a nobody. I believe i am one of those good friends, who care, who listen, who are there to give support and comfort whenever the need arises and when the opportunity avails itself. As much as i could do all things things its not everyday that your there for your friends when they need you because life has its ups and downs, and you may just need to be somewhere else when your friend needs you, but that doesn't mean your not bothered some things just need to be attended to sometimes and you cannot ignore them. Am a good friend because i hear good things from them or their friends when we go out or visit each other. They always tell me i am a warm person and i have come to accept that gracefully.
There are two types of person the intraword and the extraword. I am of second kind i need energy from my surrounding, from my friends to boost me up. It doesnt mean i do nothing by my own will but need words and energy from my surrounding to enhance that feelings. 

As much the friendship is concerned its hard to find a friend that is the friend by heart not by words nowdays. And if you ask me what kind of frind i am or at which rank i am in the run of friendship it would be unfair. It should be asked to my friends so they can answer the question what kind of friend i am.

A friend is one who makes things easier for his friend without expecting back anyrhing in reply. He should be royal, straight so he can point out the mistakes not for making it fun but to make him more wise and attributed. Who is always there in every ups and downs of life. 
I know I am a good friend because I treat the problems of my friends as my own problem. I share my concern and something bad for them, i let them know and will not let them do such bad things.
I don't think it would be fair for me to be a judge in my own case whether I am a good friend or not. I think that should be determined by my own friends. And if asked about them if they are good friends to me, I should be able to make the claim of how good they are to me.

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Yes, you are right about this. However, a good friend can turn on you one day for no reason at all. They have been there by your side for years and all of a sudden they get downright ugly.

I had a wonderful friend, or at least I thought I did. All of a sudden they no longer cared about my feeling at all. They never thought about what they said would hurt or not. They were always willing to judge and criticize you for no reason what so ever. 

Then all of a sudden if you didn't do exactly what they wanted, when they wanted, they would go off on you and start yelling for no reason at all. But if you raised your voice back and told them how you felt, you were always in the wrong. 

To me, this is not a very good friend to have. Over the years of always been accused of yelling, saying some things wrong, or being called fat all the time took its toll on the friendship and I just walked away. What really was strange is my friend is very fat and I am a very thin person and don't weight much at all. Everyone is always telling me I'm too skinny and need to gain some weight. The other person had no idea what was wrong because. they always thought that I would be there for them and do whatever they wanted forever. 

Friendship is a two-way street and if you give so much to a friend and receive nothing back, then it is time to examine your friendship and move on. 

I have always put myself in my friend's shoes and thought before I spoke or did something to hurt them. I always try my best to be a good friend and help out whenever possible. But my friend was a taker and all they cared about was themselves and getting everything done for them. They never took into consideration the things they asked and how I just did it without saying anything. Well now it is too late and they are telling me how sorry they are. Oh well, maybe they should have considered what they did to ruin the friendship in the first place. I never yelled at her and embarrassed her in public or in front of her friends. She did this to me way too many times and the last time was the end of our friendship.  
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For me, being good friend really depends on the individual. The relationship depends on the people specifically.
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I believe I am a good friend to all my friends. I usually do many things to help them and also like to be there for them in any time of need. In order to know who your real friends are is when you are in trouble and see who will be there for you. Some friends can be closer than a brother.
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Yes i agree with you Friendship is very very important in everyone's life. The most special thing is the same friend in all stages of life. Especially our childhood friends. Everyone don't have that luck to stay contact  childhood friend.I missed  most of them.

Good friends are really hard to get. When we get them you should not miss them. After parents cute relationship,it's friendship the most important thing.

We share with friends everything that we can't share parents.

I have few friends.i feel blessed to have them in my life.
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Am kind of an introvert but that doesn't mean that I cannot have friends.I don't know whether am a good friend because I cannot stay with a friend for like one full year because I tend to get bored and fill like I should just withdraw from the friendship but there's always a no way out.I actually prefer having several friends to zero best friends. I can work well with that.
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Friendship is most important in everyone's life. I have good friends. But sometime I can't be good friend to them due to family situation. 
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Yes.I am a good Friend.I have the Friends who say that i am their Friend.A Friend is tested in the difficult Times.They should help each other.
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