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International community can structure a fact network in such a way that, any parent found wanting anywhere in the world will a jail term of 100years. It will scare parents. Else African parents won't desist.

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I think the best thing is to report abuse when the case is a difficult one. If you try to talk things through with some parents, it may prove abortive while others may give you a listening ear depending on your manner of approach. If you do not sound too intrusive.

You'll find that often times abusive parents deal with issues of their own hence they tend to take out their anger and frustration on the children. In such cases, counseling would help a great deal.

Like I said, if it is a severe case of abuse, you need to report to the proper authorities. Most times such kids are too afraid to even ask anyone for help. As time goes by it may start to affect them psychologically and if the problem isn't addressed, the cycle may continue.
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If you have gone through child abuse, and you still struggle with life it would help to take professional help. The scars left by child abuse could be deep depending on the kind of abuse. Physical and emotional abuse could leaves us maimed for life, it could be hard to trust people or even communicate with others in authority. Some could have nightmares, anxiety, depression, or even PTSD. Depending on your age you could consult a psychiatrist or a child psychiatrist. Emotional problems could affect the way you live, it could mar you for life and prevent you from enjoying life and achieving what you are capable of.
However, if this question is about others, please report the matter to the concerned authorities, take the child to a good psychiatrist and help the child get over this trauma and yet . Its important to provide the child with a secure and trustworthy home, where the adults are yet able structure life for the child.
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Adults are supposed to help kids,encourage them, care for them..right??as a child growing up,that was something I experienced from adults and that's the way things should are innocent and abusing them is just plain wicked.

It rather hurts to know that some adults Instead of being their child"s best friend abuse them..a kid can be abused by parents,step parents, babysitter ,teachers e..t.c...child abuse can happen anywhere, home,school,child Care and even church

Kids can be abused in different ways..yelling at them, hitting them,touching them sexually

My advice for kids  going through this painful experience is that they should report right away.The kid can tell a trusted adult either in person or on the phone .In advanced countries, there are helplines one can call..I'm not sure wether that applies right here in Nigeria too..except the kid go to the police.the kid can also talk to the school counsellor, nurse or teacher,tell a friends mum or dad,big brother or big sister., or report to an NGO that fights against child abuse.
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Child abuse issue is now very rampant in our societies today. It is so worsen to the extent that it happens globally but muchly unreasonable in African countries. I've seen a family which depend on the house girl job their 6years old kid is doing to earn daily bread, of recent in my country; we read the news of a step mother, who used hot pressing iron on a step kid which almost killed her. Also very disheartening; tottoto see or read about a father having sex with his teenage daughter or step daughter. This things are imperatively an aberration of the first order to humanity for parents to be destroying the. Future of our children.
Some of the things that should be done are; to embark oon sensitization to both parents and children to shun such a evil Acts. Also Government must take the punishing  any parent found wanting and found guilty very serious!. It will further serve as deterrent to many that will want to involve in such. Society must not be scared or shy to alerm or report such acts.
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The major reasons why most parent abuse their children are the nature of environment they are,  the way they were also brought as children and level of education in such parents,  it very rear to see parents that are educated abuse their children.
There are different ways parent abuse their children but the most common ones are child trafficking and under age marriage. It is becomes very necessary for the government of all countries press hard on agencies responsible for such functions to be up and doing and also to increase their work force someone that they can extend to rural areas to sensitise and monitor their activities closely especially in the area of child education because the rural are the most vulnerable areas where this acts are mostly experienced.
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The young children should not be experienced abuse especially from their parents. Parents should love and care their children and not abusing them. I am parent and I know sometimes kids are not easy to handle but that is not the reason to abuse them.Instead it will teach you how be more patient and understanding. If you see or witness some parents abusing their children,this is not good sign, you must report to you nearest local police station or the right agency. Many children died because of abuse,some will grow out with it and become depress. There is a lot of bad effect the child abuse, as a citizen we can do to help by reporting it or take a video so you have evidence. But be careful though as it might not abuse what you see, some parents will get mad to their children because they don't listen to something or they have done not good. Before you doing the report make sure you are right that the parents abuse their children,gather enough evidence 2 to 3 so it can determine the case.
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Rightly pointed out. I think punishing a child to correct such child is not an abuse. Because they are necessities. But it become a abuse if the punishment threaten the psychology or life of the child.
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I like the point you made on the topic's narration because i've thought about it too, especially when I come across situations revolving around this subject. It's a very good way of legally enforcing parents to desist from physically abusing their children. In developed nations like the united states, such laws are already in place which are executed and enforced by child services. Under the protection of this law, any parent is found engaging in physical abusing their kids or any other treaent which is below standards of child care, such parents risk loosing their children as child services has every right to take them away.
Unfortunately, in less developed or developing nations like ours, such law is not in place. And even the human rights agencies seem to be in a comatose state.
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If you or someone you know is being abused, you should seek help from the authorities. They can put you into Child Protection Services and help you get to a safe space. Don't provoke the parents. Don't directly confront them. Physically abusive people can also be emotionally abusive or manipulative. When you report the abuse to an officer, make sure there's some sort of evidence. If the police just show up to speak with your parents, it's very easy for the abusers to fake their way out of being prosecuted.
As for the aftermath, you or the person abused should surround your/themselves with friends and create a good support system. Something that can save your life in a traumatic time such as this is a "found family". Furthermore - get therapy, or seek professional help. PTSD is very common in abuse victims, along with depression and/or suicidal tendencies.
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I find parents who constantly abuse their kids are people who don't deserve to be called parents. Why would a parent abuse his or her child? I would excuse those who probably have some kind of disorder, but such parents should not be left with the children if they are known to be sick. Bottom line abuse should not be tolerated or encouraged in any household. Any parent who is found guilty of abusing a child, should be dealt with in such way that if any other parent tries to do the same thing, they will be scared to face the consequences. I think the best punishment would be, to take the child away from that parent for a while so that they can value the benefit of having a cbild. Giving them a fine might not do much especially if the parent is rich. Money to them is not an issue.

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