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We both use fan and air conditioner. We only use aircon 3 hours every night only and it will automatically switch to fan. Aircon is expensive and our electric bill double when we first use it. Fan is more economical and practical
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You can use both fan and air conditioner but air conditioner is quite expensive. It depends upon your budget. If you're confused in choosing the best brand to buy I hope this site can help you get the best gadgets for your home.  

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I love AC but I don't like the health problems that Come with AC.That's why I will choose ordinary fan.

Although, AC is more convenient for humans,its health implication calls for worry.

People that work in air conditioned environment can experience chronic headache and fatique.They can also experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties.This leaves you vulnerable to contracting cold,flu and other illnesses.

Long hours spent under AC can cause your skin to start losing its moisture.If you don't constantly moisturize,you may begin to suffer from dry skin.

AC can also enhance the effect of an illness you already have.AC increase the symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis and neuritis

People who spend long hours under AC are always intolerant of heat.This intolerable of hear has lead to increase in heat related deaths during heat waves.

This are some reasons out of the numerous reasons I prefer ordinary fan to AC before you spend on that AC,think of the consequences I stated above.
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Alright,I think most thing is using it in excess if we can use them moderately then we can use each of it.
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Both are good but when you look at it from an environmental perspective, fans are better than air conditioners. Fans are more efficient as they save more energy. We know how expensive it could be to run and air conditioning. An air conditioner costs way more than a fan.
Also, with air conditioning, you skin is likely to get drier since the process of refrigeration removes the moisture from the environment. Henceforth you'd need to be well moisturized. There has also been cases of headaches linked to long hours under the air conditioner.

I guess when we use the air conditioner at the time we really need it, we can help the environment by saving up more energy. I honestly prefer the air conditioner but I opt for fan when I know that I can do without it.
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Yea,fan is a better option if we can't possibly use the AC. It good to protect our skin from dryness. Constant use might not be in our best interest. 
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To be honest with you, I completely prefer air conditioning to any type of fan at any given moment.

Air conditioners are better tools or appliances for conditioning the air around you. I mean, a fan is no where close to achieving what an airconditioner does. The entire operations of a fan revolves around taking the air in circulation then blowing them out as strong winds to whatever direction it faces. This means that a fan will blow hot during hot weathers, and cold, in a cold weather.

Airconditioners on the other hand, work in a complete different way than a fan. Thats why it's called airconditioner, to condition the air. With an airconditiiner, one can simply make the atmosphere around any given room suit their needs. Hence, i see no reason why I should pick or substitute an airconditiiner for a fan.

I've heard of certain minor health risk which has been associated with regular and constant use of Airconditioners. For me, i haven't experienced any, so I doubt these health risk were actually even caused by air conditioning. And even if they were, then its probably because the users failed to condition the air in a way that suits the environment and also is proportionate to what their bodies need.
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Yea, different strokes for different folks. Whichever suits one bodies can be used without trying to join the bandwagon. 
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Both has come with advantages and disadvantages which we are going to compare for those of us that may wish to make use of one and leave the other. One of the core advantages of making use of the air conditioner is that it is going to keep your room and the entire interior as fresh as possible. You will agree with me that the feeling when we are in a house where there is air conditioner is always great and better than fan. On the other hand, being in a room where there is fan, you get to feel that simplicity and mixture of cool and heat atmosphere.

The disadvantage of having an air conditioner is that the maintenance is always costly unlike what we have with the electric fan. When there is an issue with the electric fan, you get to see that it is not always expensive to repair. This is different from what we have with AC. So, I think I prefer making use of fan than AC.
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Yea,if one want to go by the cost and maintenance of the two getting a fan will be cheaper than going going for an AC. 

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