I can't see anything in holy books against smoking. Is it considered to be a sin as that of drinking alcohol?
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Bible may not have said smoking is a sin but since the act itself is detrimental to human health makes it to be wrong before the sight of God because God wants us all to be hale and hearty.
The bible condemns anything that is not right with God. It may not be in the bible directly, but it is an act of sinful nature. When people smoke they will have something by their side that will accompany that smoking, i don't have to spell them out but it is known if you do it, somehow you will fall into sin. Lets just say sin is sin whether small or big.

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Though some say smoking is a sin, the bible does not refer to smoking whatsoever. As for alcohol, the bible does say "The blood of Christ". In communion, the blood of Christ is the wine. Either way, neither is a true sin in religion. 

The only Church I can think that thinks smoking and drinking are a sin is the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They do not even believe in coffee, tea or chocolate. Otherwise, other religions don't seem to be bothered by it.
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Most of these substances that are being smoked are drugs.I haven't seen the Bible directly condemning smoking. It saw "things that harm your body" should be avoided in which there are a lot of things drugs included.In short, smoking isn't a sin but it harms us in one way or another and we should stay away from them by all means possible.

Ah, okay. I thought it was referring to cigarettes. The whole drug part makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. :)

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Some religions say that smoking is a sin. They give a strange reason for this, but anyone who joins their church and is baptized is required to quit smoking if they do smoke. 

In some religions, people aren't allowed to drink. But yet at certain times of the year, these churches do offer wine when taking communion. 

In the Bible, there is no reference about not smoking and it is a sin against God. I feel that today, many Churches have written the Bible to suit their needs. You will find many revised version of the Bible. So it is very hard to tell what is really the truth and what has been changed 

Smoking isn't good for your health and it is better to never start because once you do it is so hard to stop. 
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The Bible does not say whether smoking is a sin but warns us not to be dominated by addictions (1 Corinthians 6:12). Smoking is an irresponsible attitude with the body because it can cause many serious illnesses. The Bible teaches us to respect our body.

Smoking addicts. The vast majority of smokers can not stop easily. The body becomes accustomed to smoking and "wants" more. In the first weeks and even months, many who try to quit addiction suffer headaches, dizziness, stress ...

Addiction distorts priorities. Addiction can take the place of God in your life. Who "needs" smoking is addicted. For some people, smoking can become more important than their health or pay the bills at home.

Smoking is bad for the body. In the last 50 years it has been proven that smoking causes many diseases, from small problems such as throat infections to fatal diseases such as cancer. It is not good to do things that destroy your body (1 Corinthians 6: 19-20).
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I don't think smoking is a sin. It depends on the person if he/she wants to smoke or not. The smokers know if it is good or bad for their health... Anyway it's their choice. If they can't control themselves, just learn to smoke little by little and put some nicotine strainer. And once in a while do some check-up/ xray in lungs, so that you can monitor your health..
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Smoking has adverse to human health. The Bible does not directly condemn smoking but its an action which destroys health thereby going against the will of God of taking care of our bodies well as it the the temple of the holy spirit. 
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Although many Christian refrain from drinking or smoking, discouraging a behavior do not mean it is sinful. Sin I defined as breaking God's law, and for Bible-believing Christian, God's word should be a sufficient guide for every area of life, including alcohol, and tobacco use. In order to label an action as a sin, one needs to be able to find concrete biblical support for that position, and Christians should dive into scripture before judging or condemning the choices of others.
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Smoking is a sin if it takes the place of God by worshiping the act in the person's life. It is also bad for our health as in the future smoking cigarettes can give us lung cancer and smoking weed can damage our teeth thus not adhering to God's commandment to let our body be a temple of the living God.
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