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Let me think.. What makes my life boring..hmmm..For me ,a lot of things make my life boring and on top of my list is money

Having enough wads to throw around makes life interesting.Lack of it makes life difficult and boring. When I have some cash,I could decide to go to an eatery and have fun. I can also decide to fuel my car and drive around town.That for me is fun.Lack of money forces me to stay at home and endure the boredom that comes with it..no thanks to PHCN.

Another thing that makes my life boring is staying in an environment where nothing is happening. You hardly see people. It sucks.If an environment is abuzz,it makes life interesting.

One last thing that can make my life boring is if I'm chatting with someone who loves to wag his tongue.People that love talking about themselves.They think the world revolves around them.This type of people can talk you to death.Yucks
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Yea,life can be a bored without light I suffer alot of boredom without light and not having the needed cash to groove around can be very depressing. 
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It is really hard for me to get bored because there's always one thing or the other to do unless I just decide to stay put. I also really love to be alone. That is to say that I like my privacy a little too much. Hence even when I'm alone, it is quite enjoyable and I do not feel bored.
I only feel bored when I'm stranded somewhere or doing something that holds me up and prevents me from going further. It is like being in the middle of a cliff and not going further or backwards. Just stuck. At such times, I feel bored and I just want to escape the moment.

I once read somewhere that one's boredom sets in, there's no remedy for it. You just have to wait it out until it passes. I'm not sure how true that is but I know that feeling bored is definitely not a nice feeling.
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That's true for those that want to wait it out but for anyone that want to snapped out of it. will just do what the body like at that. Maybe seeing a movie or hanging out with friends. 

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