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The world currently has more women than men,  in your opinion can you marry more than one wife?  As woman can you marry a man with one wife already? 
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If your legal wife, already died the answer will be yes. But if you are a Muslim, as long as you can support all your current wives and offspring, the answer is yes again.

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As long as am happily married with a woman I love, I don't think there's any need for me to marry more than one wife. It's completely uncalled for, evem if women outnumber men 10 - 1.

Let's even look at it from the perspective of religion which happens to be a driving force with our lives revolving around it's practices. I don't think religion, islam and Christianity, allows marrying more than one wife for a man. It's very clear in Christianity, the only time a man is allowed to marry again, is in situation where the marriage has been dissolved or the partner dies. But even the process of dissolving a marriage which is divorce, Christianity still doesn't favor the act.

On the part of islam, many misconceptions have been made, islam doesn't condole marrying more than one wife. The religion quotes the prophet responding to a follower's question on the said subject during his life time. He was quoted to have said a man can marry more than one wife only if his able to love them equally. As you know, it's impossible to love two people the same.

Drawing from the above, i don't think there's any moral or spiritual sense which indulges a man to marrying multiple wives. Hence, i don't think, in fact, i know I can't marry more than one wife, with exception to maybe an unfortunate divorce or loss of my partner.
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I doubt the authenticity of your statistics. I don't think women are more than men.

One of the things I detest in my life is polygamy. I can't imagine living under the same roof with several adults.

Polygamy leads to divided attention and love among couples.Wives will start competing with their husband for love and affection. This sucks.

Polygamy also leads to conflicts and misunderstanding.I can put that to the fact that women will be jealous of each other.Conflict may arise if one wive thinks the other is receiving more care and attention.

It can also lead to extra marital affair.Research has shown that women in polygamous home have other boyfriends and this can be due to the fact that their husband is unable to satisfy their needs including sexual needs.

This are few out of the numerous reasons I can"t practice polygamy. The world is full of problems already. Adding other problems to the ones life has thrown in our direction will definitely cut our life short.
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According to  the Bible injunction  given to all Christians and as a Christian I wouldn't like to go beyond the word of God I wouldn't want to offend God by going for two women. It morally wrong and what is morally wrong is definitely wrong and if we go against it then whatever comes with it, is just our problems.

Naturally I look at the baggage that comes with marrying two or more wives and I tell myself it doesn't make sense at all. My.grand dad married 4 wives and he died a dejected man,infact none of his wife came around when he needed comfort most to comfort him,he lived a very empty life. I don't think it about those women I think it about his can't disobey God and think that same thing will go right it just impossible.i just need a wife and that's it.
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I don't think there is any portion in the Bible that stated categorically that a man should marry only one wife.  I have not seen but you can help me out with the verses if possible. 
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Marriage is a always a union of one man and a one woman as my religion makes me to understand. The thing that I have come to realize about most marriages is that both partners should find a way to always be in good terms with each other and not use unnecessarily issues to spoil the good marriage. What will the addition of an extra woman offer me that my wife won't give me? This is where you get to see that maturity comes to play because it is only a man that is pretty mature that can really push to be with one woman alone all through his marital life.

Life is all about being contented with what we have and for that reason, I will definitely say that getting married to one woman is one thing that every man should desire of especially those that are Christians.

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