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The world of science and technology has made life pretty easier for a lot of us which is something that is really good. I have always believed that science has made a whole lot of things possible. Do you think that there is anything impossible with science ?

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People who lived hundreds or thousands of years before now would have thought that it's impossible to survive a high fever like seen in some malaria cases. Same as many other illnesses today that through science we are able to save many lives which would have been lost if it were in those old days.

It's just a little over a hundred years ago since man took to the sky for the first time. Am talking about the invention of the first airplane in 1903 by the wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur. To most people of that time, it was an overwhelming achievement. To the people before them, it was a complete impossibility. Today, we have space planes or ships like they call which can very well travel beyond our clouds into space. Virgin Atlantic is even starting commercial flights to space by next year. How do you think people from hundreds or even thousands of years ago would react if they were told of this achievement? Unimaginable will be the answer. A vast majority of humans from the old world didn't even think there was space and other planets, they thought heaven was just beyond our clouds. So how would have such people reacted to seen a plane, talk much of a space ship? This is the case with certain people of today who think science can't go beyond what it has achieved today.
Drawing from the above, i think there's really nothing that is not possible with science. I mean, if science was able to bring 3D printers into reality, then nothing is beyond reach. It's only a matter of time. We might not be able to conceive some of these ideas because we think it's impossible. But then, that's exactly how people from previous times thought about most science advancement today. Like I said, it's only a matter of time before many more things are brought to reality through science. I like to think that as long as the human mind and brain is alive and can produce ideas, it will also find ways in bringing those ideas to reality.
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I quite agree with you. Science has made life easier for all of us.That's a good thing,right?But is their anything impossible with science??You may think there is nothing impossible with science.. Sorry to burst your bubble,their are onslaught of things science cannot do or explain.

Let me take you down memory lane..,when the black death ran rampant through cities in the middle ages,science figured it was caused by rat fleas and bacterias.It was a huge victory for science. Centuries later, science began to investigate difficult and bewildering questions.Yet with brilliant minds converging and communicating through the internet,we still don't have all the answers.

What happens to us after we die??Where do the dead go to??How did so much life appear on our planet while others planets are devoid of humans..Who pulls the string of our universe,is it some all powerful God or some mathematical principles are driving the engine of existence??sometimes, after centuries,we stumble into answers to real questions and other times we are left gasping in the darkness of our ignorance

The truth is some of this questions are difficult to answer and even our children will be struggling for answers.But humanity will keep trying
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There are somethings that are impossible for science to detect though science has made life very comfortable for us,  lots of things we never imagined are things we see normally now.
God the almighty makes science a reality by revealing the knowledge to people who we called great scientists today but not everything was reveal to them and that is why the word "impossibility" still exist till now.
Science has never been able to put life on-the-body of a human being despite that robots have been created the skin is still not comparable to that human.
There are lots of things that science can only predict but are not always certain or specific.  The day the world will go to an end has never been discovered,  the exact rain will fall and stop during raining season is only predicted but not certain by scientists.
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While they have been unable to put a life into a human being, they have had the opportunity to clone a human being which is pretty nice as well. 
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Yes they had the opportunity but certainly there are limitations to cloning too,  age also affects cloning. 
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Definitely,we can appluade science and technology for bringing us thus far,I look at things around me and I marvelled at the great things done now and also imagined all others that we will accomplished in years to come. Science and technology has done so many beautiful things that one begins to worry if there are still things that science and technology are yet to defined,gives it a shspe,give a answer to and proffer solutions to and I say an emphatic yes to. There are many things that science is yet to explained and to make us humans understand.

So this bring us to the question which is can anything be impossible with science? I say yes. The only person nothing is impossible is God. He is the one with all the powers. Science knowledge is limited.

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