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Savings is essential to how we grow financially. There are persons that have set out plans to be saving a particular amount of money on a monthly basis. How much have you set out to save monthly ?

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I think you are right, saving is actually a principle every leaving human should have and take very serious, because it is the fundamental theory of confidence and usefulness in life. I have this word of Warren Buffet;  he said "save before you spend, don't spend before saving". This statement is what I believe made him rich and if adopted by anyone, the person will make it to point of confidence.

Personally, I adopted that principle for long, while;I was working as temporary staff and earning less than $10. I made sure I save at least $4 dollar per month. So no matter the issues or contingencies, I usually save at least $50 per year but now that I have a better job, I save $15 per month and $180 per year. And in 5years time. I intend to use the money to acquire investment that will appreciate with time.
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This is a brave move that can actually help you at the end of the day. One thing that is important is for us to stay on our fit when someone expenses try to take away our spending. 
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I really try to save money..I cut down my budget,buy only things that I need not things that I want..but I guess with all my effort, I still find myself not saving a penny.

As you can see,I believe in the idea of saving money but still, I don't have good saving  money habit.Its easier to spend money than to save it though..

Maybe I need to set a financial goal..if I set a financial goal ,I will want to save towards that goal.

Living a simple lifestyle may help me also.. Constantly upgrading and living an expensive lifestyle could be another culprit I need to check.

Maybe if I quit procrastinating and finally automate my savings,maybe I will be able to fill my saving buffer.

Well,I need to start saying NO to those who constantly need assistance.

So to your question, I don't save anything in a month but I want that to change. I looked at my life and I don't like who I have become.I believe that if I stick to those plans I highlighted, I.will be able to develop a good saving habit
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You should really try to make that change. This is something that is pretty important for future purposes. While I believe that we can't really make it happen, it is possible for us to be financially disciplined and save. 
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Ot is really hard to save every now and then especially everything is expenses. I have two child and it seems pretty hard to save every week but we are trying to save for future. For the fast 4 years we started to save just a little bit every week.  It wasn't a lot but at least we saved.
If I only working and earning every week, I would always  aim to save $100-$150 a week or more if possible. For some, it can't be just like me now. Too many expenses and only one person is working for the family. If I put the kids  in the daycare, that would be another expenses, so rather stay at home mom while the kids are not schooling yet than going to work and pay for daycare put of my income.
At the moment we are still trying to save every month and not to go out more often.

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