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The introduction of smartphone has made gaming to be a lot more easier for majority of us. However, there is need for us to also understand that gaming console is necessary for a hard core gamer. Do you have a gaming console? 

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My partner does, but before he decided to buy one he always playing on his computer for long long time years ago. I never had an issue with it but, I always react when our children wanted his attention and he cannot give it a quick. Young children needed attention when they ask something, but in terms of playing games all the time, is a no no. This year he decided to buy Ps4 becasue he was sick playing with his computer game which is Runescape game. But after few days of playing in PS4, he then come back to his usual computer game and his PS4 is just sitting there and waiting his attention.

Sometime we don't really need those things in life, those games are just ruining sometimes of a family. They are fun but, when your kids need you, you have to leave your game and give your attention to your children or your wife or husband. In this world of technology, we bought things that is really unnecessary just because everyone has it.
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