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Is interacial dating advisable??

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Pardon me for saying this, but asking if individual dating between two or more races is advisable is almost like a statement of racism, pardon me again for saying this. There's literally nothing wrong with interracial relationships, i mean, no race is better than the other in the manner of genes, behavior, character, spirituality, etc. It is only in our sentimental expressions we often think one should date persons belonging to their own race. And these wrong judgments are usually passive behaviors exhibited by the old, unenlightened, inexperienced, naive, and most especially, racist minds.

Come to think of it, this is actually a very good question. Am aware of certain people in my country who would rather their kids get married to their own race rather other races. Most of theses people are those types mentioned above. But thankfully, the world is gradually ridding itself of such people through education and other forms of enlightenment, as well as socialism.

My personal opinion is that, as long as interracial union do not any way possible affect our very existence in a negative way, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It in fact aids better genes in terms of reproduction when two people of different race are married.
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I practically dropped my jaw when I read through your write up..honestly.. I didn't ask this question from the angle of racism because I know we are all the same..regardless of the colour of our skin.I'm just a little concerned about two people from two different cultures bonding ...I thinks its going to take a lot of patience from both party to understand each other..

Well,like you rightly said,if interracial dating does not affect out existence in a negative way,then its fine..I really like the sound of that..
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I know you didn't mean it in a racist way, was just spelling it out from a different perspective. Thankfully, we agree on a lot in the subject. And am glad you brought up this subject which gave us the chance to share our thoughts and opinions. Thanks once again. 
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Interracial dating which simply means relationship especially (romantic) between people of different races.

It is not a bad idea for such relationship to exist if it is genuine or real between the people keeping it,  through it requires serious patience because there will be need for understanding and compromise of your differences for compatibility to have a stay in the relationship.
It brings about unity and intercultural or racial mutual benefits amongst the two people which deffinitely extends to their loves ones .

The internet whcib is usually the starting and meeting points of most people engaged in inter racial relationship is full of fraudsters that lie to people to lure them to sending them money and at the end scam them as discouraged lots of people to engage on interracial relationships.
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You are right though.. Patience is the key..the need to understand each other since they are both from different countries with different cultures is colossal

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Many who rushed into it today are seriously regretting and has caused serious challenge beyond the two people in such relationship. 
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Interracial dating is just as good as dating within the same race. It is like when they say love has no color, race, age etc. I believe that when two people come together and decide to date, they already understand themselves and have accepted each other for who they are.

Race doesn't have to be a problem. That is what brings people together. Mixing cultures like that is a very good way of unifying the world. Having biracial kids are awesome. It doesn't mean that they have leverage over other kids, it just shows how accepting and how human we are.
It should be such a thrill learning about each other's ways of life and beliefs. There's always something to learn and take from the other person. It is very common to see people from different races together.
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Obviously it is usually  an opportunity to learn but the challenges most are usually with the extended family members that have myopic view about relationship and togetherness. 
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When it comes to loving someone I always believe there's no barrier whatever in all ramifications. Love doesn't look at one's race, height,weight,languages or complexion sometimes it does happen in a way we can't even help it
So talking about interracial dating it is glaring enough that dating is sure and I believe it very possible and advisable if both parties believe they are in love.

Love between two races can Foster peace,friendship and joy. Love can't bring violence or unrest just because of the country or race one is from but whst causes these problems are just the individual involved. Love seek good of the other partner, love is kind and it's isn't selfish. If all these good artibutes are present in ones relationship, then it will stand against all odds.
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Well..I agree with doesn't look at race or height or both party are in love..then its on

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