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So far, I've just learned the answers of the questions I've asked. It's a good website to find quick answers, but not super in depth ones. 

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I think the major reason from the content perspective of answeree is sharing knowledge. Asides from the fact that both parties, the site owners and we the users, share the same goal of making money via working on the site, answeree is also a dedicated site for given meaningful and reasonable answers to relevant subjects which our lives revolve around them. I don't know about others, but most questions i've come across are on topics that affects our individual thoughts, perceptions and ideas, even though some questions are often below standards. This is the reason why I try as much as possible to ask question which will in some ways add an important note to answeree with regards to references.

To answer your question, i will say yes, discussions on answeree have made some positive changes in the way I think and perceive certain topics which i've come across. In other words, i've learnt a lot on answeree just by answering questions and reading through other people's thoughts on the said subjects.
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The one thing i like about writing sites is that you get to learn something new every other day. I doubt if there is anyone who has come in this site and failed to find an answer to their question. Even when you don't ask questions, there maybe someone who will have asked a question that you may have intended to ask, and when people respond, obviously there are those answers that you will acknowledge and there are those that you would rather right off. Either way you cannot come out nil, you will definitely learn something. The good thing about sites, they do not limit you on what you can ask and answer, so basically there is something for everyone. Every sector has been touched on. For me i have learned quite a number of things.

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