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People may argue that after death comes judgement or something like that.. People may say its either you go to heaven or hell as if they have been to either heaven or hell before.

Some will say one will just cease to exist.but the honest truth is :Nobody knows what will happen when we die.This is one question that is beyond the human domain of understanding.. And we will keep looking for answers, gasping into the darkness of our ignorance until we leave this world.
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From my knowledge i believe that when we die, it's only our bodies that die, but our souls ascend to heaven.

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From religious perspective, both Islam and Christianity, when a person dies, they remain in the earth and await resurrection for judgment day. Judgment day is the day when God decides to bring the world to an end and awake everyone who has ever walked the surface of the earth to account for all their earth deeds which will be used to decide if they make heaven or hell. So, your answer drawing from religion n will be heaven or hell, that's where we go after death.

However, not everybody is religious or even believe in God to begin with. Hence, it's likely that there are several other theories which some people might believe is the final destination for after life. The Vikings for instance believe in what they call Valhalla, a heaven like place where Gods and men will live forever drinking ales and engaging in regular combat.
Science shouldn't be left out of this topics as it has made believers out of almost everyone through our daily use of science based technologies. Although science is yet to answer the question of life after death with real facts, several unproven scientific theories have been spoken off. The most widely spoke about is the far fetched theory on parallel worlds. Through this theory, It is believed that when we die, our souls begin a new journey of life in a world that is almost like ours, but possibly works in an opposite manner. This theory got it's basis through people who have had N.D.E, near death experience. Theses are people who died for a short period of time but were immediately brought back to life. Almost all of them shared the same experience as they claim to have been in world quiet similar to ours, but different in some other ways. Some said it was like a magical world where they felt no pain and had certain abilities as opposed to life in the real world. People who also woke uo from comas have also claim to have had such emotional and experiences too.
Be I heaven or hell, Valhalla or a parallel universe, no one knows for sure what happens after death. We can only assume through our different faiths, beliefs, and sense of personal reasoning and understand. I guess we all will find out eventually.
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Well,I will be answering this from the Biblical point of view. As a Christian the Bible says after death comes judgement to enable one know where one will be after death. The bible talked about heaven for the righteous and hell for the sinners though other groups like the Catholics believed in purgatory which I don't know how true that is but what I'm sure is real is heaven and hell.

So when once one dies the spirit which is the soul leaves immediately to stand before the judgement throne to be judged while the body which was like the house is buried and it remains there to rot away.

So it behoves on us to repent and only do what is right so that we will be able to get to heaven and enjoyed the beautiful place God has kept for us.
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Death is actually inevitable by every being. Meaning, no matter how rich, poor, short and tall you're. Death will come knocking sooner or later and after death. Another very long journey begins. Meanwhile, the explanation to what happens after death depends on religion injunction you belong  and certainly determines the comprehension. After the angel of death takes our life, as it is explained and detail in Islam; the reminant will undergoes some Islamic process before burial. It is therefore, explained that during those process even the deceased is always present and calling names people won't hear or see him/her. Then after burial. Two angels will appear before the dead to ask very important questions like;who is your God, your prophet, your book you believe in and many more. Thus, the response tto each questions determines the weight of punishment. It is from this point that some dead begins to enjoy their grave while reverse is the case for some. The time in the grave will continue like that till the judgement day, when all soul shall wake and stand before God to accounts for all deedf
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There are two major opinions about this question,  the people who practices religions like Islam and Christianity believe there is life after death which is the existence with activities that involve questioning and answering  before judgement day while those who believe that there is nothing like religion believes that after death nothing else, this is to an extent that some people believes that when they die they should not be buried but be deposited in the hospital for medical students to use for their practical analysis.
In an Islamic perspective,  it is believed that we are all on errands in this earth and once our assignment is over we return to give account,  so when someone dies as  a  Muslim , the body is buried almost immediately according to Islamic ruling,  then the angels takes over with interrogation and the dead rise again to give full details of every activities he or she engaged on while on earth using the hand as Biro,  the saliva as ink and the rapped cloth as paper. The account giving will determine if the final abode is hell or heaven.
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Nobody really knows what happens when we die. There's no record of anyone who has died, seen the after life and is back again to tell the story. If you are a believer, you'll be familiar with what your scripture says about life after death. It talks about heaven and earth.

Relatively, all religions tells you to be good so that you can go to heaven. If you are totally bad and unrepentant, you are likely to go to hell according to the scriptures. Still, we don't write our fate and we cannot say for sure.
Only when we die actually can we really find out the truth about it. Unfortunately, after death, we cannot come back to tell the living what it really is. Although some folks claim to have experienced what it means to die and be back.

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