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What's actually happening there behind a facebook login? Will the website we are login can access our profile using our credentials? Is it safe to do a facebook login or a google login on any website?

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While using facebook login or google login on any site or app you have to look onto the permissions the website is asking to access your data. Only you can allow this. If you are allowing permission to post on your behalf then an application or website can post on your timeline. Likewise messages, posting on pages, manage friend list etc etc also need your permission for a website to access the same. Some sites need only basic informations for login puposes. For eg: Answeree.com is only asking informations about your name, email and profile picture in order to creating a profile here on answeree. Other than that we don't have any access on your social media account, profile or data. In such cases you are good to go with a social login. It's easy and convenient. 
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Whenever you log in any site with your fb account the third party site usually gets access to your public info as well as other data such as access to posting on your timeline etc.

Even when you simply want to log in a website, the third party website you log into will get access to your data somehow.

I never trust logging using facebook/google info to log in a website. I always normally login (email and passowrd) that way I protect my information.
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Many websites now request that you use your Google + or FB account to access the site. However, they still are required to have another option for you to use to access the site. This normally requires that you give them your email address and create a password. The email address will be checked and verified before you can use the site.

Today people don't think twice when they use their FB account a website. What you are basically doing is giving this site permission to use your timeline to post what eve5 they want. In some cases, they can spam your timeline with tons of ads. You are giving them free advertising space on your FB account.

I know that they can access your personal timeline, contacts, and other information you have on your FB account. I personally, don't like to give anyone access to my FB account when joining a website. I don't think it is really safe to allow people to post what they want on your timeline. 
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Whenever you log in or sign up with Facebook or Twitter, your friends or followers tend to since most the things you're posting or the site's tend to be added to your timeline.

That's why I suggest you just login or sign up via your email especially if you're a secretive person and wouldn't want people to know whether you're working online or something else.

The only advantage is that the website and Facebook will easily be connected and you can access the site whenever you want and if it's a referral program you might end up getting a good number of referrals
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