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No, I don't think so. The one apologizing should be sincere in his actions as well.

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The word "sorry" is a very powerful that has taken love ones, friends and family far apart from each other simply because they find very difficult to say " I am sorry " and this has also brought people back together because they find it very easy to say " I am or we are sorry"

Yes, it is enough to forgive a wrong especially if is said with a sincere intention.  Personally I find it very difficult to say I am sorry for an offence I know I didn't commit or for misunderstanding I know I am not at fault but honestly if I am convinced that I at fault I find it very easy to say I am sorry and I say that wholeheartedly.
It is a very expensive word for people who have self respect and are always responsible for their actions,  when they say it they sincerely mean it so it highly worth it for a wrong doing.
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I was thought about the magic words, "sorry please and thank you". They say that no matter the situation, these words when used appropriately can soothe an aching heart. I think so too but there's a limit to which they have effect.
Saying sorry has to be genuine. It should come from the remorse that people feel otherwise it will mean nothing. Most times, people can see right through the facade. At such times, saying sorry that you do not mean can only cause more harm than good.

There are instances that even when you mean what you say, the other person might be hurting so much that "sorry" wouldn't just cut it. It would go a long way but they may need more time to heal. Saying sorry means a lot to me and I can tell to an extent when it is genuine.
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To be honest with you, I think sorry is one of the wrongest words ever brought to our understanding. I mean, a person can do all the wrong things, even as far as murder, but expects to be pardon or forgiven just by saying sorry. Just think about it. Why should a five letter word yield so much power? Am not an advocate for unforgivenes, but I simply feel that there's a certain degree to which the word sorry should be employed when conversing, asking or seeking pardon for a wrongful act.

If an individual is known for always using the word sorry, then such individual's word's shouldn't mean anything as saying sorry probably wasn't from the hearth. People like that we often repeat or exhibit more wrongful acts knowing they will easily be pardon when the speak the word sorry. On the other hand, there are times when people actually mean it when they say sorry. You can actually see the feeling of being sorry before they even speak the word. These are times when I get to have a second thought and forgive the invention of sorry.
Hence, the word sorry from my own experience with individual behavior, does more harm than good. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been a very commonly used word.
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Saying sorry is just a word without an action and if it does not coming from the heart it is nothing. When someone hurt or did something worn with other person, when he say sorry, it should be coming from the heart and that he or she means it. Rather than saying sorry and doesn't mean it, it has no meaning at all.

For example if the husband cheated to his wife and when his wife found out he say sorry. But the husband repeated it again to cheat and say sorry, there is no deep meaning on it when he say sorry, means he wasn't sincere at all. So if he say sorry, he won't do it again nor he did it at all. Sometimes, an action is better than saying it, rather than just saying it and no action has been done. Saying sorry is not enough, it should come from the heart and mean it.
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Sorry is one magical word that can help heal a broken heart and put things to how it should be. I used to thank God for these magical word because without it,people will really go violent on one another. you can imagine stepping on someone with a very hilly shoes and what you just have to do is to say sorry and no harm comes to you compared this to just walking away even passerby wouldn't mind  putting you in your place.

Sorry is a powerful word which connotes remorsefulness. No body has ever shown remorse anywhere and was never granted pardon. So yes Sorry can totally be enough to get forgiveness,I know sometimes humans try to abuse this word by purposely offending the next person to later used this word. But be that as it may be sorry can be very helpful if one needs his or her sins,deeds or actions forgiven.
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It is not the word that is important than the meaning behind the word. People sometimes say what they don't mean. Words are promises, so you watch the person to see if he keeps to his words.
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Faith without action is dead, words with no actions is dead, sorry alone isn't enough. One should make it up by not doing the same and also correct the mistake. 
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It is not enough to say sorry. It will appear to be the insincere thing to say. It takes time to forgive someone and depends on how serious it is.
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