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I love to always work on Answeree as my first site because my time reset here so early in the morning.How about you?
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At the moment I am with Answeree and my other survey websites that I still enjoy every now and then.

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My first go to earning site everyday is forum coin. Just like answeree here, the site always resets everyday at around 8am my time. The reason is, I try to make ten posts everyday on the site but I get so busy that I end up making about five posts in the day time.

So when I'm up in the morning, the first site I go to is forum coin. I make up my posts just before the site resets. Afterwards I log in to answeree. This morning however, I visited answeree first. Reason that I am yet to reach minimum withdrawal before the stipulated time here.

When I finally reach, I'll be back to visiting forum coin again first, followed by answeree and then any other site depending on my mood. Survey sites are usually the last ones I visit except when I get invites.
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My first to visit site ever since I started working and earning online has been forum coin because the site doesn't work on hourly basses so once I check in I tried to make the first ten posts before the reset time,  initially the reset time was 8:am in my country but currently the reset time has been changed to 9 am daily, so sometimes I check beer money forum first since it has hourly interval sites before I return to forum coin.
Answeree would have been my first site to visit but I never new the reset time of the site,  I just read about it here to be 8 am also, I have lost points due to the fact that i thougth the reset time was 12 : am of my local time. It is good to always visit sites with one time tasks before the hourly ones so as to meet up with target.
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My first go to earning site has to be my online financial broker, pocket options. Pocket options is a financial trading site where you can engage on financial trades revolving around currency pairs, stocks, commodities and other forms of exchange. I trade mostly binary options due to it's quick time rate on placing and executing trades.
Answeree is on the tip of my list when it comes to go to options. Though I spend less time on answeree, i like surfing through the site to engage others and see what knowledge I can get from answers and replies to various questions.
Zwerl is another go to option on my top list of online earning. Mist of tou might be familiar with zwerl, it's a question and answer site just like answeree but has a different method of approach.
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I also love to work in Answeree very early in the morning simply because my 24hoours time starts immediately I'm through with my 7 post answer which is the maximum ddaily target for every oon on the site. Though, I get delayed n my finishing up inin most ddays due to schedules. And also network being terribly bad. To the extend the I had to forfeit completion of my daily targets.

However, I've other sites which I usually work on simultaneously with answeree. It is called beer money forum (BMF). since the site is designed in such a way that; you can only answer or 3 good and sound post in each hour. So, after I answering at least 2 question on answered I usually switched to BMF site.

I enjoin the two sites a lot that my morning is always warmed with enough brain cracking
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Personally, I go for Fiverr, since it's an online marketplace that allows you to sell your services to other buyers online. It's a very user-friendly website with an attractive interface. The only issue I have with this site is the 20% commission fee it charges you, which can take a chunk out of your profits. Surveyjunkie is another great website to make money in your spare time - I always take the surveys while watching movies or something, it's a very mindless task. Finally, going on subreddits or Craigslist and browsing through the Hiring sections is a great way to find one time freelance gigs. Selling stuff on Craigslist, Letgo, and Ebay is also a great way to make money. Poshmark is a good option for clothes.

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