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I believe Jesus Christ was born in this season, as what our religion and parents teach us.Traditions really wont start without any biblical reasoning out with it. Some people, especially here in New Zealand, the reason why they celebrate Christmas is because it's a festive season, season of gifts giving, foods and family gatherings. It is also celebrated in some other countries in the same way. And a thought of not believing this is the time when Jesus was born, I was skeptical to ask why they don't believe it, but the truth is that this people believe on whatever they see. And because they never saw Jesus, that is why they don't believe in it. My husband believe that this season is because of Santa Claus, I was about to laugh but at the same time I feel sad about it, nut of course, I respect what he believes. But for my children to pass on, I really don't want to make them believe that this is only about Santa Claus. Yes, Santa Claus is part of this season but the main reason is we celebrate the birth of Jesus our saviour. I believe the true meaning of Christmas is the that Jesus was born, and every tradition we have followed is based on the fact that  Jesus was born, and the three kings offer him a gifts, and that what is all about now. Giving gifts and spending time with family.
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Honestly,I don't know.. When I was a kid,I was made to believe that Jesus was born on Christmas day and I believed.

When I grew up,I started asking questions about the authenticity of this date and I stumbled on some articles

In one of those articles,the writer said their is no evidence for this date.It was said that early Christians did not celebrate Jesus death.It was not until A.D 440 that the church officilally proclaimed December 25 as the day Jesus was born.It was not based on any religious evidence but on a pagan feast.

According to jehova witnesses, the Bible did not specify the day Jesus was born.The bible only describes two events surrounding his birth that lead many to conclude he was not born on December 25

But according to the Catholic church,Jesus was born on December 25.

Well,their are contradictory views but one thing I know is that Christmas is a season of love when people give freely,families come together to have a special feast and catch may not be the day Jesus was born but it is widely celebrated by Christians and non Christians.

The truth is..this question is one that our kids will keep struggling  to find answers to...
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I doubt if there is any scripture in the Bible where it was mentioned that Jesus was born on the 25th of December,  I wouldn't know if you have checked. 

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