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When I was in my teens I really never participated to vote anyone in politics. Until I went to coll ege and I became a scholar with one of the political party, and there I realized my vote is necessary so we can have a good governance in our system.Without anyone voting, what will happen to our government? That is why government system exist because we as a voters are exist and keep participating.Our votes always do counts even other's will abuse it and make fraud with it. I never realize how importance our vote is to our government. Some government agencies will not recognized each citizen if they are not registered voters, some cannot be participated or cannot raise their rights because they did not vote and because their name is not into the system.We as individual, we have freedom to choose our leaders, if we don't do this, who will speak up for us? Others cannot speak up for unless we do it by oursleves.We choose and we have freedom.
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I think that there isn't any man born on earth without dreams, choices and wishes. We find ourselves in societies. Societies where we can directly interact with our environment. We want to live in a place where we are very comfortable and free.

The system that determine the factors of our society and the environment we live in is the voting system. We need to elect qualified people whom we feel are fit to give us seventy percent of what we need. People who have the interest of the entire society at heart.

If we do not go out there and get involved in the system, we would not get the chance to actualize those dreams. Whether we like it or not our votes actually count. We owe it to ourselves and the rest of society as an obligation.
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It is very important important in voting system or electioneering process if we are eliglbe , this give us the fundamental right to demand for better representation freely because as an electorate there is power in your vote,  just a bit can make a person to win or loose elections.
As human we have unlimited desires and aspirations and we are never certain where we find ourselves in life so it very important to participate in the voting process so to know the processes involved and so for reference purpose that you have once exercise your civic right.
The voting or electioneering process is not compulsory for you to vote, you can also be part of the electoral empire team to conduct election which is a sigh that you are part of the voting process.
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The voting system is very necessary and of utmost importance in a democratic process. If the voting system is broken, then the democratic system is also broken. This is simply because voting is the main channel or process used in putting public officials into elected positions. Think of voting as an agreement between the campaigners and the voters.The campaigners offer what they are selling, and the voters buys it if they like what is being sold thereby entrusting a campaigner with votes and putting them in public office to deliver on their promises and also the needs of the voters.
Drawing from the above, I like to think that without a proper voting system, any public official in position simply isn't representing the interest of the people. My reasons why is because people or masses are the primary voters in a democratic system, hence, anyone in public position who gets into office without a proper voting system wasn't put in office by the public and is likely to pursue agendas that are far from the needs of the public. This is the major reason why we need a voting system to put officials we both agree with and can trust into public offices.
Note: They are countries or regions where democracy isn't enforced completely leavu no room for a voting system. A nation ruled by monarchy is anexamole of a non democratic state as mist leaders will be aristocrats.
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Voting really is a choice someone makes individually no one is ever forced to vote. you owe it to yourself and to your country. I normally say to myself, if i don't vote, that is one point that will make or break someone, so for sure it does make a difference whether it's one or two. when i turned 18, i was so excited because ifelt i was noww a grown up and that i could vote. it felt like it was something really big in one's life. until when i voted for the first time. first and foremost, i was woken up so early in the morning then i had to que up for so long until i cast my vote, it was one of the most tiring exercises i ever had to do. considering that it was being done manually back in those days, when i was done i vowed never to do it again, but as years went by i started maturing, and understanding why it was important to vote. it was not just for the fun of it anymore, it had much more meaning, and could change a lot of things in my life and the entire country,and that's why i take my vote very seriously.
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I think the voting system is melt for those who are legally permitted to, and everybody should participate in the voting so as to bring in good leaders.
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