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Alot of churches in my country are against this. Do you see anything wrong with that?
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I wear trouser, and there is nothing wrong with it. Wear clothes comfortably and decently.

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I really do not see anything wrong in a woman wearing a pair of nice pants. I understand that the scripture says you shall not wear garments meant for the opposite sex. But of course a trouser fitted for a woman will not fit a man. Might sound silly.

Honestly, as long as it is decent enough, I do not see any infringement. Beside in archaic times, men wore a differently shaped garment and not trousers per se. I think the real problem behind this is the lack of understanding. When it comes to dressing for both sexes, you just need to be decent in whatever you wear and that's it.

You may find that a woman who wears skirts and gowns only wears it in a more revealing way than one who wears trousers because she's more comfortable in them.
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I guess you are a may be wrong though.. but I know a lot of Nigerians have that mentality that wearing trousers in church is a taboo.

Someone said something which I find really hilarious.He said leaving a third world nation like Nigeria for a first world nation like  Canada is like moving from 18th century to the 21st century..

Their is absolutely nothing wrong in wearing trousers.Women that wear trousers do so either because it allows them to walk freely or because it fits them.In cold regions like Canada or Russia,people wear trousers to ward off   cold except you want to face the onslaught of the artic cold during winter,then you can decide to wear skirt.

People may say a lot of ladies wear crazy trousers..don't they wear crazy skirts too..the truth is..if we are to follow all the laws in the old testament of the bible,I don't think we will even be in existence.. Because Its impossible to follow all those laws...

Again.. Did God design trousers for men and skirts for women..isn't it man made...In some countries, men wear skirts.. Are they doing wrong??

Except africans throw away their archaic..moribund mentality.. I guess the continent will just remain where it is while other countries will keep advancing .
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Well, wearing of trouser should never be a crime; it depend on the contest or where the lady wears the trouser. Take for instance, if a wife wears not even a trouser; let's say a short before her husband in the house, I think its never bad and same applies to a young Lady in the house or room where men can't see it. But, I can vividly understand the reason why the two most popular Religions kicked against it totally that " men should never wear those dress made for women and vice versa."

The abuse of females wearing the trouser is totally inevitable; imagine ladies of this days don't even wear the trouser anymore, they have graduated to putting on what they call "bomshort". With almost all the iimportant parts exposed. Some will even wear leggings; that will bring out all the curves and shape of their private parts. It all what the ladies tagged as civilization; buy in a real sence. Its all evil and must never be encouraged.

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