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I always begin my day with prayer. I believe that there is nothing impossible as long as we have the almighty God by our side. 

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I begin my day with different scenario, one morning I will wake up still closing my eyes, because my 19 months old son wake up very early and he wants to play. One morning I will wake up checking what time on my phone as well as my emails. One morning I will thank God for everything and that I manage to wake up these days. I am not a religious person, like I have no usual ritual or routine everyday.But I always thank God for everything that I have.

 I will wake up everyday with a new life to begin with and a new day to do things and to be with my kids that are growing so fast. I cannot stop the day passing by seeing them growing everyday. Witnessing every fights and love they shared together with me. You know when you have young children,you cannot just have a relaxing day without anything argument between my two sons. They still very young and they fight for something everyday, and it's okay, why fighting over one thing when there is a lot around? They are just a child and children are just so innocent in everything. You teach them everyday, bad or good, they will catch up. That is how my day start and day over.
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Well,I begin my day with a cup of coffee.Then, I pick up my phone to check if I have messages on either Facebook or WhatsApp.If their are messages, I reply them.Any missed call would be returned too.

I check my email to see if i have any new mesage.Then I go to my paid sites starting from mylot to answeree...I try to catch up on the latest news updates by diving to nnu site.. The beautiful thing is they pay you for reading news..isn't that great?

Then I check my paid survey sites...Nigerians don't really get surveys..we just get a handful unlike our counterparts in the developed nations..I still check the paid sites anyway knowing that its most likely that paidview will have a short survey waiting for me.

After fingering my phone for a while,I clean the house,prepare my If their is light..I watch TV..if their is no light..I continue fingering my phone.

But if its a workday,I wake early,skip the coffee..prepare my food... Bath and hurry off to work. I check my paid  sites intermittently when I'm in the office knowing that my office is always no time to slack off..

Thanks for reading my boring daily routine...
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As a Muslim,  first thing I usually do when I wake up is to thank my God for the smooth sleep in the night. Then, I stand up to perform ablution, pray two rakat Nafilat at home and go to the mosque. We stay in the mosque till after completion of morning worship called Subhi. I then return home immediately to prepare breakfast since I'm ain't married yet, I then take my bath mostly with warm water, except in the summer; which I usually bath cold water.

So, most days, I usually sit in the dining and take my breakfast before leaving the house except in some occasions when I'm a bit late that I usually package the food on warmer to eat in the office. Thus, I prepare my self and step put of the house . then I take bike to the nearest cab bua-stop and board a bus or cab office. I stayed work till when work closes.
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I begin my day with prayers to almighty God for forgiving me the privilege to see another day without any difficulties, this is expected for a every believer of a faith and God .

The next thing is two at least 1 litre of water to keep my system active and healthy,  then after 1 hour ,I take my bath along side brushing my teeth.
The next thing is too take my break fast to get me prepare for the task ahead  for the day.
I check out my online money making sites for updates and also the social media platforms for the latest that is trending,  this can be  done while I am out for the offline daily activities since I access my sites via mobile phone for convenience. Once I close from work I retire home,  relax and refresh. Then spend more time with my life.

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