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Hello. I am from the Philippines. i could say that Ms. Catriona Gray who won the Miss Universe title was worth to have it. She is so intellegent anf answered the questions smoothly.

She is half scottish ,half Filipino. She said she is very close to her parents especially her father. She has a signature runway move. She's dedicated to ending the poverty in the Philippines. Catriona loves travelling around the world and loves to write about her explorations.

I also voted Ms. Africa, the first runner up.  She is also very gorgeous and intellegent. All participants are all deserving but unfortunately only one can have the crown.

All people are united during the competition, shouting and cheering for their representatives. I think they are all gorgeous and intellegent.
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Personally, I don't like the message of the Miss Universe franchise. It advertises itself as a scholarship pageant, when in fact it is not. They drastically inflate their numbers, and the amount of money they ACTUALLY give out to women is very very small. As in, they only give a full scholarship to one person - the winner. This is basically just a cash prize for the winner of a beauty pageant - they make the women dress up in sexualized outfits and parade in front of male judges for views. Furthermore, the questions these women are asked are extremely ludicrous - some of these questions wouldn't even be asked by reporters to polititians. The whole system is somewhat broken and sexualized, which simply makes it a complicated beauty pagent that sexualizes women.
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She is beautiful
she have nice voice
she he is smart
she is really beautiful
she is really sexy
I think she is amazing
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Ms. Catriona Gray deserved to win the Miss Universe competition. As for the Miss Universe competition itself, I believe that it highlights young women who are making difference in their country through involvement in charitable work. Furthermore, the questions that have been asked in the recent past have been getting more profound and more intellectual. Yes, there are some that were trivial, but I've heard some questions that are challenging for the contestants, and help to test their intelligence. Therefore, I think that the organization judges the whole individual--not just the facial features and body. However, I still have a problem with one type of beauty being promoted, which is involves having Caucasian or European features. I would like to see other types of beauty being promoted at the event.

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