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I hate summer. I hate heat.I squirm over the word summer.But hey, what can I do,I stay in Africa(Nigeria) where heat is intense especially during dry seasons.I just gotta find my way around it if I don't want to face the onslaught of the blistering heat in my neck of the wood.

Its harmattan..temperatures are rising at an alarming rate..heat is at an all time high...surviving this period may be a daunting task but it is possible. Staying hydrated should be on top of your list.Rising heat result in excessive sweating which reduces the energy and electrolytes in your body.Sip water laced with mineral rich fruits like watermelon,kiwi and so on

Eat regularly but eat light because summer tends to reduce your appetite due to excessive heat.You need to eat regularly because your body requires the nutrient to fight the heat and keep you healthy

One of the easiest way to cool off is to have a cold water refreshes you instantly

Too may bulbs and light tend to increase the temperature of your apartment.. So switch off those bulbs.

Keep your curtains drawn if the harsh ray seeps into your room

Keep a check on weather forecast .With this,you can track the hottest days and plan accordingly.

Wear loose clothes for air circulation and if you must exercise,resort to indoor gym rather than engaging in outdoor activities.
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I think both summer and winter season are naturally created to balance existence of life on earth. It is no doubt every individual will prefer one to the other. In my own case, I prefer the harmmattan season more compared to eat of summer. Because, the extraction where I found my self is birth is usually intense with heat when it comes to summer season. The heat will get to a level that, even the water from the borehole is hot even enough to boil rice.

Summer period according health research is not too good for the human body system, because heat activates enough sickness in human body not to even talk about the skin effects and reactions. However, what I do during summer as an African man is; to make sure I don't wear heavy or leather cloth or even suit. I don't heat very hot food, irrespective of hunger. I prepare herbs that will help to balance body heat and flush out deaths from my system. And many more.

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