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Too often media perpetuates the myth that celebrities live on a higher plane of existence than the rest of the population. My question attempts to draw out the evolution of this falsehood. Thanks for responding.

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Well,I will blame it on the society..The honest truth is our society is messed up..People lay emphasis on things that are not important while the important things are left unattended too.Imagine a first class graduate being given 5000naira while a another person who came out tops in a modelling competition is given wads of cash and a brand new car.You can see that we celebrate mediocrity..

Celebrities(actors,footballers,musicians,models and others) are given tons of money which they even throw in our face either in their music videos or on social media.Why won't"t they think they are better than everybody.. If someone is earning millions of pounds per week for kicking a leather ball on the pitch for 90 minutes,why won't he think he Is better... While other hardworking intelligent professors and researchers are not earning even half of that amount in a year

Another reason is this people are treated like Gods..I watch keeping up with the kardashians and I see paparazzi following them around, people stalking them ...for what??...why won't they be cocky..people use their free time to catch up on the latest celebrity gossips..they have huge amount of followers on social media..people spend hours outside just to collect their's just stupid..this people are humans like us..they have messy lives too..they just look good on the outside after undergoing several surgeries to alter their looks. They are not intelligent than us..

I blame the society.. Our thinking pattern is twisted..if we stop treating them like Gods,they won't think they are better than any of us
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Well it is not exactly falsehood for them and the people who actually celebrate them in that sort of way. I think it the fans that worship them to that sort of degrees that gives them such impression. They feel godlike because they actually have these followers.

I mean it is okay to celebrate people for a good cause but it shouldn't have to be over the top. These people are just regular human beings who are excelling in their fields. The fact is, with the right things in place any other person can do that. It isn't super powers.
Some of these celebrities wished that they could be viewed as ordinary people. They yearn for that true relationship and not for people to worship them. Some of them really get Lonely while some drown in the euphoria.

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