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Football and Volleyball are my favourite games that i can't compromise watching  or playing it always. I started lliking or I picked the both games due to what we had in my environment while o was growing up. The both sports were trending muchly that it makes the estate where I grew up full of fun especially at the weekends.  We use to have both junior and senior cardal or  level of both games. So, I picked interest in the games and I play well till date.

The football is an international game with every country in the world inclusive. It is usually played with 11 players on each side of the pitch at a time with the goal keeper on each side. There are tactics like; dribbling, throwing, shooting etc. Most importantly, the game us actually played with leg with support of all other body parts which are always occasional with exclusion hands which is counted as foul. If the ball enters the net of either side; it is counted as a goal. It is played for 90min with 45minutes for each half. And 15minu rest .

On the other hand is volley ball, it is usually played by 6players on each side and controlled by an umpaire who acts as a referee for the game. The service is will be started by one side and wins the point if the ball touches the ground in the opponents court or if the opponent couldn't get the ball across.  Then they lost the service to the other side. It is a 21point game, played in 3rounds to determine winner.
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Well I'm not a huge fan of playing physical games. I guess I did more of races when I was a kid. That is probably all of it. I definitely have great love for board games and cards. The type that drills your brain and makes you think faster and more logically.
If I would love any sport, it would be gymnastics. I really liked to do the stretches and stunts. At some point I began to practice on my own. However, now, I've only settled for stretching like in yoga and the likes of it.

I'm much more of a mobile and video games fan. I remember playing a lot of video games with my siblings while growing up. It used to be so much fun and even now when I get the chance out of my busy schedule, I play games. They are such great and fun ways to relax and enjoy.
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Pacman is my favourite game whenever I have got free time to play any game.there are 244 dots in a maze which you have to eat and you have got 3 lives I love authority and this game is thrilling to me you can too play it here for free pacman gostrategy games

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