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I am new here. I just registered few minutes ago. Can I ask any relevant questions on any categories?

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That is exactly what the site needs, relevant questions. There are lots of categories to pick from as you may have noticed. We are always advised to ask questions that have relevance and can be of help to others when answered. Not just questions that virtually everyone knows about especially in some technical sections.

Questions and answers should be original and not copied off from somewhere else just to earn a few points. As long as it is good, you can ask. You should also read and understand the rules of the site very well.

In any case, I believe a few things would be changed sooner as stipulated. So it is best to also familiarity yourself with the changes when they occur. I wish you all the best while you go on to enjoy your time here.
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You can asked anything under the sun here as long as it doesn't break the rules. Everyone and anyone can ask any question here, whatever they want to learn or know something.It might be about love life, school assignments especially mathematics, or science, logic topics, practically personal views, characteristics, about animals, our nature, world topic, world issue, politics issue, or even if about computer science.

It is broad to ask a question here but be specific too and make sure you put in in a correct category. So the person who will answer it will understand what is the question all about and can answer it directly and honestly. Every topic needs to be specific I guess, as some questions are not widen enough so the person who might answer it will have doubt how to express the answers.
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Yes! In fact, it would be great if you posted many questions in different categories, as it would boost activity on the site. Whenever you click on the "ask a question" button, you'll get a long list of possible categories you can ask about. There's also a miscellaneous option if your question doesn't apply to any group.
Your questions are required to be relevant to the category, and original. You also shouldn't spam the website with random, needless questions, as that might result in you getting blocked. You can read the rules and terms of services of Answeree for more information. That's about it! Also, you can feel free to answer other people's questions and put in your thoughts as well.
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Well just like the site is called, Answeree, if you have read the faq section, you will see a part where they have mentioned about the questions on the site. With every site comes rules, so the rule is that you post questions that are beneficial to the site. Questions that require answers that will help someone in one way or another.

Am sure as you joined this site you knew what was expected in the sense of asking and answering questions. We also have students here who are hoping to get some knowledge on how they can do certain things and get results, there are those who are looking for answers or solutions to their problems in families or relationships, and this site helps them. So if you want to help someone with a solution this is the place, or ask a question that is relevant and is in connection with everyday life. I hope i have tried to answer your question in the best way possible.

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