So recently (as I've been taking more medicine than ever) I've become interested in how medicine works and also how new medicine is developed. 
 I've been reading about nearlky everything but I truly became interested in pharmaceutical excipients. I also0 started learning about amino acids and dipeptide. 
Why is it that the pharma industry ignores the inovations they could achieve and only use amino acids that are easy to make? I'm from an EU country so I always thought they were not only after profit like one sometimes hears from the USA... 

Does anyone have experience in the pharma industry or maybe I'm just lacking some facts? 
I'll be glad for any answers. Thank you in advance!

So this is what I have been getting my information: Modern applications of amino acids and dipeptides

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We all know that hospitals, doctors, nurses, are using medicines and equipments to cure patients. I have watched a video about pharmaceutical that is creating a massive medicine for people who seek for cure or for temporal relief and good benefits from its medicine they produced. I agree that we depend ours sickness to our doctors who are experts to provide prescriptions for our specific drugs and for specific ailments in our sickness. I have to admit that some are working and some aren't, this is because our system is being immune to it so the more we take it the long run our system won't accept it anymore because it's immune already. It has an issue about that the doctors prescriptions will not cure our ill people but in fact it will just cover it up but it won't go away. I believe that herbal medicine will work better than pharmaceutical industry who keep producing medicine and drugs to use for its patients. I think we have too much dependent on our doctors because we think they work sometimes but sometimes not.

I f you think of a patient who undergo a chemo therapy, they would not cure them but it will get it worst. the sick becomes sick and worst they die. I don't really believe chemo can cure nor preventive medicine but it will make you poor and make the doctor's pocket get thick while we ought to pay them for our love ones who die form doing it. There are other doctors that who believe in herbals and there are some who doesn't, likewise with medicine from pharma.
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Based on my readings, it appears as if profit is the main motivation for large pharmaceutical companies as it relates to not using the latest scientific findings and technological innovations. For instance, as it pertains to the matter of using statin for the treatment of hypertension, big pharmaceutical companies still has not caught on to recent scientific research concerning brown and white fat. Brown fat or adipose tissue is good fat that your body needs to regulate its temperature and boost it metabolic rate. It also helps the body fight diabetes. It makes the body easily control blood sugar levels. However, despite the scientific findings that show that statin reduces one's brown fat, big pharma is still convincing doctors to prescribe statin to the point that its the most prescribed drug in the U.S. Therefore, in the long run, the patient becomes sicker instead of getting better. One can assume that large pharmaceutical companies continue to ignore recent research findings and technological innovations so that individuals end up being dependent on the drugs when they simply alleviate the symptoms  for a time but do not cure the true cause of the disease.
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