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Nitro PDF is a great tool for editing,creating,signing as well as securing PDF files and digital document.

Let me just chip in this:if you can't lay your hand on Nitro PDF software,you can also use PDF editor 6 professional for windows or iskysoft PDF editor 6 professional for Mac.It has all the features that nitro PDF come with more interesting ones.

Now ,back to your question.. Some reasons you may want to consider nitro pro 8 include:

It is heavy on features and has very impressive performance.It is also very easy to use

It has a convert function that enables you to convert a batch of PDF documents to word, excel,plain text and images

It has an OCR function which allows you to convert scanned PDF files

It has an intuitive interface with top level tabs including File ,Home,Edit,Review,Protect,Form,Help

It has toolbars with large icons which allows you to identity functions easily

It has an expanded Asian language support
It has more streamlined conversions to office format

Expanded support for third party applications like evenote

Automatic OCR during conversion

Scanned documents detection.

One disadvantage of Nitro pro 8 is that multimedia elements cannot be added in the PDF files.

You may want to read through this write up with a fine toothed comb before making up your mind to instal nitro pro 8 on your system
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