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Cognitive dissonance is one medical term we hardly talk is experienced when your actions or thoughts don't match up with your belief or values.

To make it clear, I will state two examples of cognitive dissonance we experience everyday.

A man smokes cigarettes despite knowing that it causes lung cancer but he continues telling himself that the cigarette helps him deal with anxiety or he may say he doesn't smoke enough cigarette to cause serious harm.He is reducing the dissonance by convincing himself its okay in her mind.

Another common example is when people dieting cheat..they may say..hey..its only one doughnut.. I will skip lunch to make up for the number of calories or they may say,hey..its not a high amount of calories.

A lot of common examples of cognitive dissonance is when we justify our mistakes..

Cognitive dissonance creates inconsistencies that can leas to mental anguish.In order to return to the place of harmony,you can either change your beliefs,your actions or change how you viewed your actions..

The more aware you are that you are experiencing cognitive dissonance,the more you are able to understand yourself on a deeper level and explore what values, morals and beliefs that truly matter to you in the short and long term.

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By doing something novel and consonant or by disregarding the contradicting information, we often strive to eliminate this dissonance. Although there is no known treatment for it, there are things you may do to manage it.
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