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The tv show was way better than the movie. I like every actor I. The movie but they seem out of their element and a little cartoonist. Not that there was an as much joking  script in the TV show as in the new cinema version. The entire concept seemed more realistic in the television show than the new cinema version. If I had the choice I would definitely choose watching  the tv show over watching the movie. Two thumbs down in my opinion. But there is room for improvement since we all k ow that Hollywood simply can't resist an open opportunity to make another remake or come out with a sequel to the movie. Now a days Hollywood seems to be perfectly fine with turning on movie into a series or collection of two, three, four or even five or more. Yes they failed the first time but I bet that they will try again and again until the forever ruin the TV show, the movies and all the careers of the acrors that play in them.
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