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Our life will have be  very difficult if technology didn't come to existence. In fact this make me to think about the ways and kind of primitive life our fore fathers lived and were living. Though, with satisfaction but with no doubt a difficult and stressful existence. Imagine that if technology is not in existence, how difficult it will have being to travel to a far place and even across the globe.
The inception of technology have made farming more unique and commercialized compared to in the primitive time when people only farm to feed only a family. Now there is enough food to feed the entire world. Imagine how communication was very ineffective  in those days and now technology have made it easy that you can so choose to talk to the entire world in a second. Also, the inception of electronic and electricity hhave illuminated the world else we will  have continue in darkness.
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Yes you are right. But their lives were not hard for them because they were never introduced to these ways we are in right now. So if we didn't have technology in the first place I think we would find our own ways of doing things.
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Life without technology will have serious negative impacts on our current existence and the comfort we drive from the presence of technological innovations.
Information and communication which are major drivers of every economic activities in the world today will be very difficult so the poverty will definitely be higher than it is at the moment,  the use of ICT which has helped to reduce climate by almost 90% today is as result of technology so without technology it obvious that crime rate will be uncontrollable at the moment.
The morality is fast declining as a result of advanced technology adopted to manage pregnancy and delivery services, it is  obvious that without technology traditional birth will be the order of the day which has limitations, so complicated cases can't be handled and the result be death.
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A world without technology.. Hmmm..I rubbed my head thinking about that sentence.. How will the world look without technology??..One can only imagine...

In  the world that we live today,everyone depend on technology.Almost all of us walk around with mini computers called phones.However,phones are almost never used for what they are intentionally designed for which is calling.Instead,majority of us walk with our eyes down,not paying attention to what is around us,staring into a different world.I think its weird that we can interact with each other behind a phone screen..

Then,their are TV's,computers, interactive watches..this things does not allow this generation to function properly without them.We rely on them and we can't even imagine regressing back.

But..wait a minute..if technology Is suddenly wiped off the face of the earth,then what?..according to..Senior Luke Detriech"We would be lost for a few years,and it would be chaos.As time went on,we would learn to live without it and find peace and happiness in more simple things"

I quite agree with Luke on this one..adapting is something we do very well as humans.It might not be easy but we will adapt.

A major change like wiping out technology may be hard,confusing and odd but maybe it could be for the better."Eventually, the society would adapt to it"Cameron Carroll agreed

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Our lives will never be the same again without technology. It is safe to say that life would be extremely difficult without technology  Think about how comfortable life has gotten. How we can easily go by our daily activities at the fastest pace. How it is very easy to pass information from place to place. The distance between places is closing in more and more.

Without technology, all of these would be a really tall dream. Even something as trivia as opening cans would be hard. Matter of fact, we wouldn't even have cans. Technology has really shaped our hope and given us a better life. From medicine, to food, clothing etc. Of course there are negative aspects of which everything has but we are definitely benefiting.
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Technology has truly messed us up as a people. There is the good side and the bad side of it. I can say it has caused more harm than good, but again it has been very efficient ever since it came about. We have become so dependent on gadgets, that everything we do has to involve technology. Its not like in the olden days where literally everything was done manually. If we can stop and try to think for a minute, would life come to a standstill if these gadgets were not there? I don't think so. Life will definitely go on regardless. The good thing about being manual is that those things never die all they need is to be stirred up and they are ready to go. The truth is it would be hard to live this life, in this day and age without technology because nothing is being done manually especially in cities all over the world. Everything has been digitized so you really have no choice but to embrace technology.
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With out Technology, there is nothing. Our life has become faster & more comfortable. So it is very difficult to image the world, without technology
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It depends on how your approach would be at it because ,on one hand it would make people spend more time with each other than always staring at their phones, But again it would make our lives more difficult because we will have to do some things on our own without technology to back it up.
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Life without technology would be difficult. And also things could tech centuries to get done. Such as relaying information, traveling. Technology has lessen human suffering. 
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Our world is incomplete without technology. In the past, nothing like this used to happen without technology. Similarly, if there is no technology, our country cannot move forward.
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