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It would be very interesting to hear a bird talk. Personally, I'd be most interested in what they think flying is like.

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answered by ELITE (3,084 points) 3 6 14
Sincerely, I don't like cats and my justification will be directed in that regard and I think it is normal and natural to feel that way: I think birds talking will be more fabulous and excellent compared to when cats can talk. Of recent, I watched a Indian movie titled zanjeer and the movie taught me few nice things about a talking birds. They are unique with great qualities. The bird bird flies all around the village like a security to deliver intels to the actor of the film.
Well, the  birds talking will serve greater purpose than cat because, birds have the ability to stay on the ground and equally at the sky to see and observe a lot. Also, most birds will be easily nnoticed in a place compared to cats. Birds are more friendly as pets compared to cats.
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answered by Patron (1,551 points) 2 9 24
I love cats and birds but I don't keep pets.If I am asked to pick between them,I will go for birds.A buddy of mine asked me the importance of birds and why I love them and all I did was sigh and shake my head

Birds amaze and delight us.Their beauty captivates us.Their ingenuity and ability spark our imagination.

Wait a minute..Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without birds??Beyond their beauty and splendor, birds matter.We cannot underestimate their impact on our natural world and history.

Birds contribute to plant"s diversity through pollination and seed dispersal,Birds also control insect outbreak and create important nesting cavities for other species,they help rid the world of disease through scavengers " clean up" services,they help shape our culture,provide important economic benefits,serve as important indicators for scientists about the state of the environment.

If their is any animal that I wish could talk,then the bird is at the top of my list.
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answered by LEGEND (6,011 points) 6 13 27
I don't really like cats as pets or even around me. I don't think I would like it if they spoke. Aside from the fact that it would be completely hilarious, I don't think it can come with any benefits. Maybe this is biased partly because I don't like cats.

I would probably prefer it if birds spoke. Think about their biological function and how they occupy their habitat and niche. I think life would be easier even between birds of the same species and different species. Although, I feel like they communicate in a way.
It would be a little bit of a drama if they spoke to humans. You see, some birds  fly everywhere and can see everything from above. What if they said every single thing that they saw. I don't think they'd have the initiative to keep secrets.
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answered by ELITE (3,662 points) 7 15 56
It is interesting if birds can talk because they can tell you how high they can fly and what beautiful scenery they always see.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 3 11 21
Several times i have watched animated movies that have horses or dogs talking, and i find them very interesting. having a conversation together with an animal as absurd as that may sound or look, I think it's awesome but scary at the same time. i would like cats to talk, at least those ones are on the ground and they can be domesticated meaning they can live with people in their houses. We all talk to our pets for those who have pets don't we? I am one of those people, i loved my cat so much unfortunately it passed away and that made me quite sad. i felt this way because i used to talk to my cat when am alone in the house, when i feel down i just talk to it despite the fact that it cannot responsd back that never used to bother me so long as i just talk. so if the cats can talk am sure there many people who will be happy with that. for birds it will be kind of hard because who will they be talking to up in the skies.
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Birds are interesting, if they could talk it will be amazing to hear what are they saying. Specially when they are gathering on a tree. Pet bird is also cool. It will be amazing to hear them. 

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