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I haven't experience being paid in this site. But it seems legit. Hope this is a good earning site

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Though, I'm yet get my first pay from the site but I choose to work this actively and this far to hit the minimum target from the site and with optimism that I'll get paid. Here are some of the facts and figures that gave me such confidence; over the past few months of my experience on online sites; I've got to know the parameters that determine a site being legit or not. A legit site will be directly and freely linked to your email or gmail. Most legit sites usually have aa gradual earning system in conjunction with maximum task per hour or day. With accurate time reset factor. Answeree meet up with all the factors and even more.
Forget the testifying by people on some sites. Some will make video yet not legit. Just to summarize my point; a very close friend of mine have being earning here and I witness it my self.
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Legitimate site is any site that is operating legally following the rules and regulations strictly especially to adsence if it is a monetize site.  It is very possible for a site be legitimate and not paying,  it also possible for a site be paying, in the long run such site stop paying with an understanding reasons and such site ensure it doesn't owe any eligible members before it stops paying and it will still operate normally but without reward,  for instance foru for you is a legitimate site but currently not paying members and it doesn't owe any member before it stopped paying.

Answeree is a legitimate site  and it also paying the eligible members,  I have not recieved payment but I have seen payment proofs from the site and I am optimistic I will be paid soonest.
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With my past experience  I can tell you that answeree is legit. Any member before December with more than 3000 points has been paid once or twice by answeree. The site pays, it is very responsive to its members and makes it working understandably easy. I mean rules won't always work for everyone but there's definitely a compromise at some point.

I remember the first time I requested for payment on the site. I was a bit skeptical but in less than an hour, I received my payment. So from what I've experienced, answeree is legit.

It seems like the admin and perhaps moderators are currently not on the site because they haven't been responding to complaints. I believe in no time, they'd be back here to respond to members once again.

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