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Oh! Nature is so endowed with every cute and special things to be love and cherished abundantly. It makes like unique and human existence on the earth very fantastic. While we were growing up. We use to have this beautiful and moderately flowing spring water behind our estate. We really love to spend great and quality time there. As teenage we all love to sit under the spring water for a long time because the nature of the spring is so unique that;it regulate temperature by its self: it produces warm water in the early hours and cold in the afternoon, while moderately in the even. I still visit the spring each time I visit to enjoy the sparkle nature powerfully regulated by God.
Another very unique thing I love about nature is the uniqueness in the creation of human; some are tall, short,moderate, light, dark, moderate. And even the different in behavior. Indeed great!
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answered by Patron (1,551 points) 2 9 24
The fact that everything is designed with great accuracy and precision.I love many things about nature.The fact that those designs are perfectly leaves me in awe of a supreme being

One thing I love about nature is the beauty it brings..Have you ever seen the sunshine through the richest green leaves on a crisp summer eve or the winking full moon on a late winter night?

The beauty shines through in many ways like the blooming blossom of the trees in spring or lovely warm colours of autumn.

The earth itself is a natural wonder and it is lovely, Wonderful and exciting.. From the birds in the air to the the rhinos..those things are a beauty to behold.

Earths,rivers,mountains,trees,silent canyons,babbling creeks,growing green gardens.If you spend time in nature ,you will find out you feel happier and I love this about nature.
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answered by Patron (2,999 points) 3 8 16
God in his infinity mercy has blessed us with so many features on earth that are natural and gives us inner peace whenever we depressed or disturbed.
The trees grew up together to form their community that are capable of generating the fresh oxygen we breathe in  as human,  the breeze nudges our eyes to sleep when necessary.
Seeds are being planted gradually day grow up and become very mature and this eventually turns to food that we consume  this is a natural phenomenon that is lovable.
The mountains and other reliefs that serve as tourist attraction  sites that we visit occasionally,  the one I love most here the water falls, most times when I visit water falls sites there is usually this inner joy in me and I appreciate God the more for the natural beauty of nature.
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I love the feeling of home that nature has. It doesn't matter what corner of the world you are at, you'll still get the same feeling when you are at one with nature. Nature has a way of purifying you from the inside. It leaves you feeling new like a new born.
Just like the oceans, nature doesn't take from us, we are the beneficiaries. There so much that is enjoyable but unfortunately, we keep reducing the abundance of nature as humans. We seem to forget that existing means coexistence between man and nature.

I believe everyone needs to enjoy nature every once in a while away from the toxicity. The smell of fresh air, the golden sun, fresh green leave, oh the rains etc and having your mind in sync with all of that is just a feeling of bliss.
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answered by ELITE (3,662 points) 7 15 56
Nature itself is very relaxing and can provide peace and healing in our body. I like nature because they are the most beautiful creation I have seen in this earth. It's all natural, clean and fresh. I like the clean flow of water from spring, the fresh air that I can breathe without any pollution from air. I like the sound of the leaves dancing with the wind, the birds are singing, the crickets are yelling. So silence yet so nice, it's way different from living in the city where pollution and nuisance are loud. Living with nature is a privilege to experience the creation of our God.

I grow up not in the city buy in a province where natural resources is our source of food and drink. We go swim in the river, fetch some fresh water from spring, enjoying the fresh rain, the natural noise of all the natural trees that dancing with the wind. Although I am really scared with dangerous animals like snake, I still love to live with natural habitat. Our nature is beautiful and unique we have to enjoy it.
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Nature, wow its amazing what we can say about nature and what it does to us. God is truly amazing, he created the earth and everything in it,  and freely we can enjoy it without having to pay for i, how wonderful is that! I love mature because it makes everything come alive. There is something especially about the beach that just gives me a lot of peace. The water, the waves the blue skies and just the warmth from the ocean, makes me appreciate the works of God, and just how lucky i am to see this beautiful scenes. Another nature that i like is the trees that give us shade, they bring rain, they protect us from getting landslides, and that's the beauty. You cannot go wrong with having trees in your compound given that they also create a good ambiance.
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I'm a nature lover. I feel close to God when I gaze at the beauty of nature. I like looking at different land formations. I awe at the beauty of the vast oceans and seas. I love looking at trees and different plants. I love everything in nature. I like the diverse animals we can see.

I like nature tripping. If I have a chance I always like travelling and enjoying sight seeing. What I really like with nature is the sky. I love looking at the wide blue sky with beautiful clouds. I like looking at the sky at night.

Enjoying nature gives me simple joy. It makes me feel sad when people don't care about nature. Some people don't mind polluting the air and bodies of water. We should love and care for our nature.
When we appreciate nature we appreciate the goodness of God.

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