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How do you plan and ensure that your resolutions work? what are the techniques you employ to sustain your interests in those resolutions? 

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I really don't stick to New Years resolution, I may be say or think of doing something or change something about myself or things around me but, not really needed to be during New Years time. I think not everyone will do or stick to their New Years resolutions, some people will just do it just for fun or will just go with the flow and just don't do it seriously.

I made a New Years resolution been a long time already and never do it again because I know it's not really important thing to do. If you want to change or achieved something,you don't need the New Years resolution. Better do it without anyone knowing it, when you do it silently, you will just surprise that it will do come true. I believe there is no harm anyway when doing the resolution, you have to be true and be committed to it.
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Before I answer that question,permit me to briefly talk about new year resolution.New year resolution is the promise a person makes for the new year.

It can come in different forms..some people may make a resolution to change a bad habit like quitting smoking or eating less junk food.others make a promise to develop a positive habit such as starting a daily exercise or volunteering in a community service.

While some make it a yearly habit,I make resolutions often...I don't wait till the new year before I make a resolution. There are some lifestyle changes I make depending on my experience.

This year, decided to form a positive habit like washing my boxers daily instead of once in two days, brushing twice a day..

My latest resolution is to start my day with a cup of coffee. It refreshes me ...
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I do not necessarily have to make New Year Resolutions. I craft my own resolutions whenever I feel that I need to change some of my characteristics to become the best version of myself. People sometimes do it on New Year's Eve because they came to realize that another year has passed and there were things that they need to change or improve. Have a regular assessment of yourself to become your version 2.0.

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