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Lately I have a hard time sleeping.Tried several ways to sleep like a baby. Drinking warm milk,reading a book,listening to music. All of these does not work. If you have any suggestions that are possible be happy to answer.

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Try some of this tips.. Maybe thy might help

Develop a sleep routine..Go to bed at night at the same time everyday.This helps establish your internal sleep/wake clock and reduces the amount of tossing.

Aerobic exercise 4 times a week can improve the quality of your sleep.Just make sure you wrap up your workout session hours before bedtime

Cut out food and drinks that contain caffeine like coffee,tea,soft drinks and chocolate by mid afternoon.Make dinner your lightest meal and finish it hours before bedtime.Avoid spicy or heavy food before bedtime

Stop smoking.smoking makes you feel less rested after sleeping.It also exercerbates  sleep apnea and other breathing disorders like asthma which makes it difficult to have a quality sleep

Say no to destroys your sleep pattern. It may let you doze off but after the effect wears off,you may likely wake up and find it difficult to sleep again

Watching television, or playing video game on your cell,working on your system within the last hour before going to bed is a bad idea.Light from this devices stimulates the brain making it difficult to wind down.Put your gadgets away an hour before bed time.

Keep your dogs and cats out of your bed  at night to avoid sleep disruption

Switch off the light before you sleep.Light tells your brain its time to wake up

Lastly,your bed should be associated with sleeping not watching tv,working or eating.If you wake up in the middle of the night,avoid the temptation of switching the TV or computer on.You may read a novel or try to meditate until you feel sleepy again.

Try this tips and let's see how it goes.
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First we must define how much sleep defines a "good night" sleep. Generally 6-8 hours of constant sleep is appropriate. With that stated what are the reasons for disrupted sleep. People who exercise late can have an incomplete sleep period. Foods/drinks with caffeine taken within hours of sleep will keep you awake. Chocolates have the effect of wakefulness. An array of medications are disruptive to sleep including antihistamines, psychotropics, analgesics, pain relievers and more can be a cause. Emotional lability for any reasons can cause interrupted sleep. Even reading before sleep may keep you awake. To answer the question directly relaxation before a sleep period can help. If you smoke don't. If you drink heavily, don't. Drinking alcohol, as a sleep methodology, has been debated for a long time. I would avoid it. Sedatives could help sleep, but may have after effects on awakening. Sex definitely improves sleep, as physiologists have stated.  Thank you for allowing me to answer this question. Mark Davis, MD
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I have problems falling asleep too. I tried what you mention but I still suffer from insomnia. My problem is I'm not feeling sleepy when I lay my head on the pillow. I close my eyes and don't think of anything but I still find myself awake.

Some days I'm lucky I just close my eyes and in a short time I lose consciousness and I drifted off to sleep.
I suggest making sure that the room is really dark or slightly dark to make you feel sleepy. It is also good to make yourself tired by working hard in the day. Tire your eyes or body so you will feel sleepy at night.

You can try melatonin pills sometimes it works for me I sleep well when I take it. What I do now to relax and fall asleep is to have quiet time with God. I pray long prayers I have a devotion. I relax my soul and pray to God to help me fall asleep.
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Exercise during the day, but not after 6pm. Turn the lights down in your home after about 8pm. Dim light stimulates the body to go into sleep/night mode. Avoid carbs and sugars after about 7:30pm. Take a melatonin supplement.

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